Frases Mexicanas Divertidas

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un mexicano en Polonia. Fútbol fan, blogger, graduado de Warsaw School of Economics

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  • Wow, those are some crazy phrases! When I lived in Spain, many years ago, I always heard the phrase Que tal? My Spanish teacher told me only rude people would use the expression, but I suspect it would be proper today, compared to these! Hope you’re enjoying summer in Poland. 🙂

  • Hi Lois, Those phrases are really crazy. But, ‘Que tal?’ is not rude, you can even use it with your family 🙂 maybe many years ago it was offensive or something, but not anymore.
    Thank you for reading! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Muy graciosas esas frases 🙂 Solo funcionan en la Ciudad México o también se las puede usar en otros países hispanos?

    • Hola Gosia 🙂 estas frases solo se entenderian en Mexico (es lo que creo yo) ya que no tienen sentido alguno 🙂 Saludos! Gracias por leer mi blog.

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