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I have been absent a little in my blog, but I promise I will write more frequently. Today I will show you some funny things about the ‘Mexican’ language and the creativity that we have. How many times as a foreigner learning a new language, you hear something and you have no idea the meaning of a non-sense phrase? You are trying hardly to translate word by word but at the end you cannot find any meaning of it. Well if you speak Spanish, and if you go to Mexico City, I am pretty sure you will hear a lot of non-sense phrases.

Now I will show you 14 different forms to say ‘How are you?’ using Funny Mexican Phrases, and also you can find the translation in Polish and English.


I hope you liked this post.

Do you have similar phrases in your languages? Which one was your favorite?



Mexican blogger living in Poland

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  1. Carlos Curiel Reply

    Sorry but except for ‘que pedo’ absolute no one uses those phrases nowadays (they might be from 30 years ago), if you go to Mexico and say any of these, you can only make fun of yourselves (they’re funny though). Btw I was born and raised mexican.

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