New Years resolutions no one accomplish

Finally we are going to say goodbye to this 2015, and of course we are already thinking in the New Years resolutions that we are going to ‘accomplish’ during the next year; it is important to say that these resolutions are the same we were planning to complete in 2015, that we should have completed in 2013, that we promised to do them in 2012, and that we planned in 2011.

After 0.5 days of deep research finally I was able to make a list of the most popular New Years resolutions that the people NEVER accomplish, or that in 99% of the cases is like this, so here we go:

1) Lose weight: after eating 6 times per day during the Christmas holidays, and when we see in the mirror and we are not able to describe our fluffy figure, we swear that we are going to lose some extra kilos.

2) Go to the GYM: to accomplish the first goal of the year it really helps to go the GYM, so every January 1st those places will be over crowded, but do not worry since the second day of the year everything will be back to the normality.

3) Eat more healthy/ make a diet: we are truly focused on accomplishing our goals, but your birthday and the food festival are coming soon, remember everything good in this world kills you, makes you fat or makes you pregnant.

4) Stop smoking: that vicious that millions of people in the world have and that is almost impossible to quit; in case you did not know smoking affects your lungs :(

5) Waking up early: if we arrive late to our school/work one more time we will get fired, but they do not understand that our beauty needs rest.

6) Stop drinking a lot: those hangovers are not the same when you were 18 years old, your body and mind know it but how to say no to a small shot of tequila, a cold beer in the summer or a good glass of wine.

7) Save money: at the end of this year it was really difficult to have money for your Christmas presents, you could not find any money even under the bed, so you are truly compromised to save money to avoid those problems in the future, but walking in the street you see an offer of a new TV that you do NOT need, in 254 payments with no interests* and you go and buy it.

8) Read more: you realized that when someone asked you who was your favorite author or your favorite book you have no idea what to say, so you promise to yourself that this year you will be the intellectual of the family and you can show how intelligent and smart you are.

9) Do more productive stuff: you promise to reduce those 23 hours a day you are spending in your phone and PC, and you swear you will do more productive activities like: jogging, wash the dishes, clean your room, learn a new language, learn to dance salsa, etc. But at the end you realize that you are really happy just by spending time in your phone.

10) Get good grades: this year will be when you will get the best grades of your life, but after the first week of classes you are already thinking in how many times you can be absent (and go with your friends to pick up girls), or how many points you need as a minimum to approve the course. Dedicated to all my cousins and friends :)

Do you know any other New Years resolutions than no one accomplish? Leave your comments :)

I hope you can accomplish all your goals next year, and a Happy New Year to all of you!!


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