Believe me  my friend, you are not the only one that has this problems. The first time I came to Poland I felt so afraid when I heard the local people and I did not understand a word (Today it is a little better this feeling). When you are in the street trying to buy something or trying to ask directions to get to your hotel and the local people do not  speak anything else than Polish language, it is really possible that you are thinking:  “I think I am in trouble, I should have learned some words in Polish before coming here”, and yes! you are correct with this.

However, whether you speak Polish or not you will have an awesome time in Poland , that’s for sure!, but if you know some words in Polish before arriving to this amazing country your life will be easier.

So let’s learn some Polish!


I think you got the idea of how difficult this language is. I hope with this table, that I made with the help of my Polish girlfriend, you will manage to survive in Poland!

So good luck and welcome to Poland!


Mexican blogger living in Poland

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