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Finally you decided to move out from your parents house after 28 years, but you are still the baby of the family for your mother.

When you go out of the house, the first thing you think is ‘Am I crazy..? What am I doing..?…’ you decide to come back to your house but your father in less than  2 minutes already changed all the locks of the doors and even the phone number.

Now you feel a little bit lost in the world,  and suddenly you remember that the friend of the friend of your friend lives in a foreign city and you think ‘..why not?… is a good opportunity to go abroad’.

A lot of people are surprised for your decision, and all of them give their support and feel happy for you , but NO one tell you some bad or good things that you are going to experience when you move to another country, it does not matter if the reason is because of studies, work, love, adventure, etc. So now here we go:


List of Things No One Tells You About Moving Abroad

1) You will mature faster than ever

2) Finally you will learn how to prepare a budget for your expenses (if you study accounting or administration now you will apply something useful in your life)

3) There will be some days when you will cry a lot (similar when you are cutting some onions) when you realize that your best friends and your family are in the other side of the world

4) It is possible that your first meals in the first months would be pasta in 50 different forms

5) You will struggle with a new language, and you will regret that you did not buy that magic language course announced at 3 am in the cable TV

6) Sooner or later you will have a moment in your life of feeling like a professional photographer, and you will have some temporary illness such as taking pictures of your food or your cup of coffee

7) Even though you are uglier than me, it is possible that you get a boyfriend/girlfriend in a short period of time

8) You will be smiling to your laptop’s screen for hours when you see important moments of your friend’s life

9) You will miss those fights with your mother for not cleaning your room for 7 months or not washing the dishes for 2 whole weeks

10) You have no idea how much you are going to miss your pet, your lovely dog, cat, horse, pig, hamster, hedgehog

11) You will regret not eating those vegetables or special plates from your mom or grandma, just because they were not from a restaurant

12) You will have friends from different nationalities and cultures that maybe you did not know they existed

13) You will dream with typical food from your country (I miss tacos so much)

14) There will be nights when you will not be able to fall asleep because you will be thinking in how much you miss your country

15) Your feeling for your country will be higher than ever, you will always be proud to say where you are from

16) Without trying it, you will be more intelligent, friendly, respectful, honest and you will know how to enjoy even the simplest moment

17) Sometimes you will feel that moving to the other side of the world was not the right decision…

18) ... but at the end you will realize that it was one of the best decisions of your life!


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    • Hi! :D where do you live in Poland? I will check your blog for sure :) I was in Krakow last weekend, beautiful city!! :D

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