Last weekend I made a short trip to one of the most expensive cities in the world or even the most expensive one: Oslo, Norway. Before my trip, I read some blogs that when are you going to Oslo you are going to have a “bad economic day”.

I did not believe it at all, I thought: “I lived in Paris for six months so I can  make it for only 3 days… no problem!”.  When my girlfriend and I arrived to the airport and we saw the prices of the bus tickets, the food and the beer, we said “amm do you want to try Hitchhiking?… Imagine the prices!!! To pay around 9-10 euros for a kebab? Or the same amount of money for a small combo in McDonald’s? I thought this had to be a joke! But unfortunately it was not.

So now that you are coming to Warsaw I want to help you with my personal recommendations of good places to eat, and you don’t want to go through anything of what I did. Of course the prices in Warsaw cannot be compared with the prices of Oslo, but anyway, I want you to have an awesome time in Warsaw with some money in your pockets. Just to remark, just because some of those places are relatively cheap it does not mean than you are going to get sick or die while eating your food (however, I am not responsible for any health problems).


I strongly recommend you the “Dominium Restaurants”, the pizza is really good and I really love the garlic sauce they prepare. They have a lot of restaurants around Warsaw and if you are student you will have a super discount everyday (including weekends), around 40% so you can save a lot of money. Another advantage of this place is that they have menu in English and Polish, including on their website,  so what are you waiting for? The cheapest large pizza costs 22.90 PLN without discount. And please remember this phrase: “Sex is like pizza. Even if it’s done bad, it’s still pretty good”.

Chinese Food

The best place with Chinese food in the city  for me is “Bar Thien Ly”, it is located close to Metro Pole Mokotowskie, in the street Stefana Batorego 14. With one plate of 12 PLN you can be sure that you will not be hungry for the next 7 hours, and for me the food is excellent, the place is always crowded because it is located near Warsaw School of Economics, but you will be able to find a table to sit, or the take away option.

Typical Polish Food

Have you ever heard about the “Bar Mleczny” restaurants? These restaurants are typical from the “communism period” the stereotype of those places is that they are cheap, old, dirty, etc. However, I can recommend you a new restaurant’s franchise that is called ” Mleczarnia Jerozolimska ” (website), those restaurants are new, clean and the food is delicious, it is home made. There is one restaurant located just outside of Metro Politechnika, and another one in Aleje Jerozolimskie, near Nowy Świat Street. You will easily identify the restaurant, their logo is a big white cow, and my favorite dish is “Pierogi”. And the good thing here is that you can get a full meal or  two course meal for less than 20zł.

Żurek w chlebku


There is a really cool place near the Central Railway Station, it is called “Brooklyn Burgers” in Avenue Jana Pawla. The restaurant is big enough if you want to sit and enjoy a great hamurguer; the decoration of the place is great, it is really modern, the prices of the hamburgers depend but when you eat 1 hamburger for sure you will not be hungry anymore. The cheapest hamburger costs only 16 PLN, and it is important to say that it is included with all the hamburgers french fries and salad. Definitely you need to go and try them!


The best kebab for me in all Warsaw is located near Metro Pole Mokotowskie, just in front of the Chinese restaurant I described before (Stefana Batorego street), their prices are ideal for students, 8 PLN the cheapest kebab, but the taste of those Kebabs is just perfect!


There is a place near Metro Politechnika called “Groole pieczone ziemniaki” in Śniadeckich street. It is a little complicated to find the place, because is like in a hidden corner, but you can just look for the street in a map or in Google Maps and problem solved. In this place you can find baked potatoes with all the flavors you can imagine: potatoes with ham, bacon, cheese, vegetables, shrimps, garlic, onion, cream, etc. I really like this place.

And just to finish with, it is obvious that the most popular places for tourists are McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Starbucks, etc. So here in Warsaw you can find a lot of those places without any problem, Warsaw is not in the stone age, so do not worry about it, but if you want to try something new, try those places I recommended to you.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and that you will enjoy your stay in Warsaw having a happy feeling in your stomach.

If you know any other place to eat that you would recommend just put it in the comments.

Take care and Smacznego!!


Mexican blogger living in Poland

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