Many times when some “couchsurfers” or friends stayed at our place, and they asked me “what can we do here in Warsaw?” it was actually a really difficult question to answer. You notice that the city is unknown for you in a touristic point of view. Many of us are only focused on the daily life of work, school, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. Or it is just that we only go to the same places and we never think about recommendations of places to visit.

I know that there are infinite places that people enjoy to visit, however, in my opinion after several studies and researches I did in my mind, I can say that the top 10 attractions in Warsaw  (or at least to take a beautiful picture of) are the following

1) Museum Powstania Warszawskiego

This museum is one of my favorites in Poland, the whole museum is dedicated to the historical Warsaw Uprising. The museum is really interactive, full of pictures, videos and sounds. I have to say that some pictures could be really shocking for some persons. Also, you can watch a short movie of how was Warsaw looked like after the war, this movie only costs only 2 PLN. The museum is not expensive, it costs about 14 PLN and if you are student it costs only 10 PLN. Opening hours are from 10 am to 6 pm most of the days.  You can consult the exact schedule of the museum on the official webpage.

2) Palace of Culture of Warsaw

In my opinion this is the first thing a tourist sees when they arrive to Warsaw, this palace is located in the center of the city, just in between Metro Centrum and the Central Railway Station. This palace was a “gift” from the Soviet Union. You can go to the top of the building for only 18 PLN, if you are students it will cost you only 12 PLN.  Inside the palace you can find a museum,a cinema and even a University.  You can consult all the tours that the palace administration organizes on the official webpage.


3) Park Lazienki Krolewskie ‎ This park is one of the biggest of Warsaw, it is located near the center of the city. During summer this park is incredible, full of color, trees, ducks and squirrels (take some bread with you to feed them). In the middle of the park there is a palace. This palace was the “summer house” of one of the kings of Poland few years ago, incredible isn’t it?  Now you can go inside, there is  a museum inside the palace. In some places of  the park you can also find places to eat or drink something, so you will be ok during your visit.


4) Old Town Square Market

This place is the oldest part of the old town in Warsaw.  The view of this place is extremely beautiful, when you are there you feel that you are living in another century. The place is full of restaurants, bars and it is always crowded.  Also you can find the “Mermaid of Warsaw”, this mermaid is the symbol of the city, the statue is small, so don’t expect to find a mermaid of 3 meters of height. You will really enjoy walking around in this part of the city.


5) Monument to the Warsaw Uprising Fighters

The monument commemorates the thousands of heroes of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising who gave their lives for Poland. It is located on the Krasińskich Square, the monument consists of two parts, the first one shows the fighters as they crawl out from under a bridge support, and the second part of the monument shows the fighter entering in the canal system.


6) Nowy Swiat street

This is possibly the most important and most beautiful street in Warsaw. The street starts in Plac Trzech Krzyży and finishes in Old town, with an incredible view of the National Soccer Stadium. It is a really large street full of restaurants, shops, bars, pubs, etc. You can find almost everything in this street. When you walk down the street you will find some important places such as the University of Warsaw, the Presidential Palace, the monument of Copernicus, etc. It will take you around 1 hour and a half to walk down all the street, but it is totally worth it. A must  do in Warsaw.


7) Royal Castle of Warsaw

This castle is located in the middle of the Castle Square in Old Town, just where Nowy Swiat street finishes,   the view of this castle is ideal for amateurs or professional photographers.  That place is always crowded, a really lively place. If you also want you can go inside the castle, there is a museum there, the price of a normal ticket is 22 PLN and if you are student only 15 PLN.  You can consult the opening hours on the official webpage.


8) Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

This is a monument in dedication to all the unknown soldiers killed during the war.  This monument is located in the Marshal Jozef Pilsudski Square. There is always a blaze turn on, 24/7, and 2 soldiers standing in both sides of this blaze.  It is a beautiful place to visit.


9) Copernicus Science Center

This is a science museum located near the Vistula river in Warsaw. The museum is really interactive and full of magic. If you are or you are not that interested in science, you will enjoy your visit to this museum for sure. The museums has a lot of permanent and temporal exhibitions, is one of the largest science centers in Europe. The price of the ticket is 25 PLN, if you are student it will cost you 16 PLN. The museum is quite new and it is considered one of the most interesting and innovative centers in the whole world. So you really have to go there.

10) Wilanow Palace

This palace was a royal residence centuries ago. The place is not located in the center of the city unfortunately. It is located in the south of Warsaw and it will take you around 40 minutes to get there by public transportation. During summer this place is awesome , its gardens are incredibly beautiful, ideal if you want some time to relax, walk or just to read a book, yt enter in the gardens you will have to pay 5 PLN or 3  PLN if you are a student.  The palace is also a museum, with the possibility of guide tours. The ticket costs 20 PLN, and if you are student only 15 PLN.


Finally we finished with this recommendation of places in Warsaw, now you know what to do in this incredible city full of magic, historical places and beautiful people.

I hope you enjoy reading all the article. If you have any comments or recommendations related to this article or to the blog just post it here.


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  1. May I suggest that you add Marie Curie Museum.

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