Visiting Poland?

Are you coming to Poland and you feel lost?

Finally you are considering to visit Poland, but just as almost all the people in the world, maybe you are feeling now a little bit nervous about how this trip is going to be, if you would like the people and the touristic places in this city or if this place is not to expensive or too dangerous to enjoy your holidays; but I have some good news for you, just breathe, relax and drink a beer or a shot of Polish vodka.
We know that feeling of visiting a country or city where you do not speak the local language, you do not have any friend in the new city, you have no idea where your hotel, hostel or your place to sleep is located, or you just do not know how to move around to go to the most touristic places; we know those feelings,  we already lived that when we came to Poland for the first time and believe us, you are not the only one! but do not worry we will help you a little bit.
There is a special section in this website just for Poland, maybe you are wondering why? now I am here surviving every day in this country. In these sections called ‘Visiting Poland?’ or ‘Warsaw’  we will be posting tips of how to  move around the city, things to do in Warsaw,  the cheapest and best  places to eat, the  night life in Warsaw, etc.  Also, you can check our previous posts in the blog section and get familiarized with this amazing country and with other useful stuff like Polish language or what the Erasmus program is.

Poland is one of our favorite places in Europe, it has a lot of touristic places in every part of the country; in Poland you can find special places for each kind of person, for example if you like the big cities, bis malls, luxury places, modern buildings the best choice for you could be to visit Warsaw: if you are the person that prefers small but romantic cities, where you can walk for hours and hours and always be impressed by the beautiful architecture we could recommend you to visit Wroclaw; or if you really are like the adventure guy I would suggest you Krakow as your principal destination, you can explore the salt mines or the royal castle and hear the legend of the dragon, or you can go to the concentration camp called Auschwitz (is not in Krakow but it is really close to that city) and experience one of the most shocking and best experiences in your life, it is possible that after your visit you will appreciate your life and the life of the ones you love even more.

This was a short introduction about Poland, visit our previous posts and if you have any question about this or any other topic related with Poland feel free to ask us (even if you want to know tips about your legal permission of residence) and we will be more than happy to help you.

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  1. Nurut hadida Reply

    Zalecenia dotyczące podróży w południowej Polsce
    Czy odwiedzasz ciekawą farmę? Specjalny obszar wiejski? A może szkółka botaniczna? Poszukujemy rolników, którzy mogą odwiedzić swoje gospodarstwa lub gospodarstwa. Niekoniecznie dla aktywności i nie tylko dzieci.
    Farmy z małymi fabrykami. Organiczne. Ser Warzywa Owoce Ze sklepu lub bez.
      Specjalne żłobki. Ogrody botaniczne.
    Bardzo chciałbym otrzymywać rekomendacje dotyczące południowej Polski. Dziękuję
    Nurit hadida

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