One of the Most Famous Mexican Horror Legend

Few years ago my mom told me a horrible story which changed my life completely,  since then I cannot sleep well, I have nightmares every night, I have horrible visions, I have to sleep with the lights on and my teddy bear besides me, and I cannot walk close to a river…well ok, I am exaggerating a little bit but it was to show interest in the following story.

In Mexico there is a legend since centuries ago called ‘La Llorona’ (literal translation is ‘the crying woman’), in the post of today I will tell you one of the multiple versions of this legend but we will do it in an interesting and funny way, so here we go:

History of La Llorona

In the colonial time in Mexico, there was a beautiful native Mexican woman and she fell in love with a blonde, handsome, strong and rich knight (typical story of a Mexican ‘telenovela’). After some time, this woman had 3 children, and many people said that this children were from the knight’s children.

When this woman wanted to marry the knight she discovered that this knight already had a planned  marriage with a rich woman from the royalty. In the moment when she heard this her heart broke, she felt that her life was over and she did not have any reason to live anymore.

Her depression was so intense that she decided to take her children to the closest river and she pushed them into the water, the children died drowned after some minutes. Later, the woman felt incredibly bad, she realized that killing her children did not solve anything, her depression was really severe and in the end she decided to kill herself.


The scream of La Llorona

Some days after this fatal event, many residents of the city at midnight began to start a horrible and scary scream:


Oh! My childreeeeeen! … Oh! My childreeeeeen!

This horrific shout freaked out all the population in the city, the people stopped going out to the streets during the nights, it was said that this mysterious woman could appear floating in a white dress and could kidnap young children to take revenge of her poor sons. Later, with her common shout in the middle of the night the people began to called this woman ‘La Llorona’.


Nowadays, many people confirm that they heard ‘La Llorona’ screaming sometimes near some rivers or lakes. I have never had the opportunity to hear this glorious scream, but to be honest I  do not want to hear it ever; but my mom or some members of my family are 100% sure that they heard ‘La Llorona’ some time ago, and in their opinion it is the most horrible and traumatic scream they have ever heard.

Have you ever heard ‘La Llorona’? Do you have a similar legend in your country? If yes, please leave your story in the comments below, and share it with the world.

Cheer and good luck with ‘La Llorona’


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    • Hola Javier
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