Christmas abroad

It is finally that time of the year that is the favourite season for a lot of people in the world, full of color, happiness, memories, stories and experiences; that magic day when the people get affected when they see the cities full of lights, elf, trees, and fat red guys that guide our way to the homes of our lovely families… this day of the year called Christmas.

Since I was a kid, I always got used to celebrate this day with my parents, my brother, grandma, uncles, and cousins; always having the Christmas dinner in my grandma’s house fighting with my cousins to have more turkey, romeritos, chicken and other Christmas dishes without remorse of having 7 extra kilos at the end of the night; how not to remember those toasts that always make you cry a little bit when you hear the most sincere words of the people you love, realising that you are one of the most luckiest guy in the world of having a family to spend this special night.

This is the second time when the house of my grandma will have an empty place, because fortunately or unfortunately I am now in the other side of the world in the most familiar day of the year. When I see that some of my friends go back to their countries I am a little bit jealous, because they are incredible lucky to have the possibility to come back to their homes, to have a dinner with their families and enjoy every moment of the night with them. This year 2014, it was not possible to come back to my lovely country but I hope to visit it again really soon to receive the most honest hug from my family.

Día de Muertos Polonia

Posted by Oscar Eduardo Gamboa on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Some people might be identified with these words, the people that have left their homes for personal or professional reasons; this Christmas will have a small piece of sadness, but I know while enjoying some delicious pierogis or a piece of Makowiec, while drinking a strong shot of white vodka I will be sure that my family and friends will be in my heart and my mind.

If this year you are far away from your families, remember that they are thinking of you, that they want the best for you; wherever you are in the world let the Christmas spirit full of happiness, tenderness and kindness to enter your heart.

From this site I want to wish Merry Christmas to all of you!, and fomenting a little bit the capitalism but I hope you receive a lot of presents, and if you believe in Santa Claus I hope he leaves a present for you under te Christmas tree.



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