In Mexico City there is a magic place called Xochimilco. Xochimilco is located in the South-East part of the city, it has a lot of channels where you can find some boats called the trajineras of Xochimilco.


The origin of these trajineras was in the Pre-Hispanic era of Mexico, where this small ships were used to transport people, and all kind of food an materials.

This trajineras of Xochimilco are something extraordinary, there are small boats with capacity of 20 people, the front part of the trajineras is decorated with flowers and they form names of women or cities.


In the channels of Xochimilco, when you go into the trajineras you will start living an incredible experience. You will enjoy a quiet trip while eating traditional Mexican food, drinking a glass of water or a good tequila, and of course listening to the Mariachis playing typical Mexican music.

Along the channels of Xochimilco you can find small islands called ‘chinampas’ where stores, restaurantes, gardens are located. Here you can buy precious flowers and much more things.

It is recommended that you plan your trip to Xochimilco because you can enter to them with all the food and drinks you want. In any case you do not want to buy anything before the trajineras, do not worry, during the small tour you will see small ships that are selling Mexican food: tacos, sopes, tlacoyos, quesadillas and many more things to eat or drink.

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During the evenings and nights you can go with all your friends and family and make a huge party on the trajineras! For sure it is one of my favourites activities to do in Mexico City.

The cost of the trajineras is really cheap if you are going with a big group, it costs just 350 pesos per hour per trajinera (less than 20 euros).


This place is one of the main attractions of Mexico City, I can say that if you do not visit Xochimilco, you did not go to Mexico City.

Have you been in the trajineras of Xochimilco? Would you like to live this incredible experience?


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