The Difficulty of Polish Language

A lot of people do not understand who, why, how and which are the motivations for a person to learn Polish language. One of the most common questions that a foreigner who wants to learn this language is: How long it takes to learn Polish?. The answer to this question is not really great, many studies says that on average a foreigner takes 5 years to learn Polish in a fluent level. But there are many exceptions of course, for example if one person speaks already Russian or Ukranian it would be much easier for him.

Tips to Learn Polish

There is not a traditional way to learn Polish or where to learn it, but some of the methods I could recommend to you are to sign up in a Polish language course in a languages school or in some online course. Also, you can try to do tandems (language exchange) with your native language, so a Polish guy or girl could teach you Polish and you can teach him/her your native language.


List of 7 Advantages of Learning Polish

1) Who wants to learn Polish?

The answer to this question is You!. You can show off with your friends and family that you speak one of the most difficult languages in the whole world, it takes just 5 years to speak in fluently :)

2) Meet Polish People

You can flirt with Polish girls or boys in pubs while talking their native language

3) Polish as a Secret Language

You can criticise something or someone in your home country and be almost 100% sure that no one will understand you… it is something like a secret language :P … unless your home country is England

4) Polish is an International Language

You can communicate fluently with more than 40 million people in the whole world

5) You Can Say Unpronounceable Words

You can pronounce simple phrases like: Chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie w Szczebrzeszynie; Spod czeskich strzech szło Czechów trzech

6) You Will be a Superhero

If you could learn to speak Polish, basically you can learn anything you want: Quantum Physics, how to fly, how to build a travel machine, and many more things

7) Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend Will Appreciate It

Finally, you can improve your tongue skills that your boyfriend or girlfriend will surely appreciate :)

Conclusion of Learning Polish

I’m pretty sure that after reading this list you are saying now: I’m ready, I want to learn Polish today! With no doubt Polish language is extremely difficult to learn, the first months will be hard when trying to pronounce difficult words, but eventually everything will be better for you. So… are you interested in learning Polish?


Mexican blogger living in Poland

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