They will fight from 2 to 3 falls without a time limit! – This traditional shout has its origin in the Mexican lucha libre

The Mexican lucha libre was created at the end of the 19th century by Enrique Ugartechea who was the first Mexican wrestler. And in 1933 Mr. Salvador Luttherot created the Mexican Company of Lucha Libre.

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The Mexican lucha libre is unique around the world, comparing with other countries the outfit that the Mexican wrestlers have are really colorful and with spectacular designs; the wrestlers interact a lot with the audience, and sometimes they can insult you, it is an incredible experience in the world.

Lucha Masks

The best and the most popular place for professional wrestling is located in Mexico City and it is called: The Arena Mexico. 

The lucha libre is really popular among the Mexicans, and it has a lot of influence in the culture of this country including the cinema or music industry. The Mexican lucha libre is one the best in the whole world, some weeks ago took place the First Wrestling World Cup and Mexico was the champion of this tournament.

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There are wrestlers of all kinds: men and women, fat and slim, ripped and with no shape and even some midgets. The names of the wrestlers are incredible are really original. There are 2 groups: the rudos and the técnicos (redes and technicians). It is really common that the redes do not respect the rules but to be honest they give another view to the spectacle. A lot of wrestlers have a mask when they fight, that mask has a special meaning and an identity meaning; in some fights you will see that some wrestlers took the mask of the other wrestlers to reveal his identity to the world, this is in my opinion the worst offense a wrestler can get.

The most famous Mexican wrestlers are:

  • El Santo (The Saint)
  • Blue Demon
  • El Perro Aguayo
  • La Parka (The skeleton)
  • Octagón
  • Mascara Sagrada (The Holy Mask)
  • Rayo de Jalisco (The Jalisco’s Thunder)
  • El Solitario (The Solitary)
  • El Místico (The Mystic)
  • Rey Misterio
  • Brazo de Oro (The Golden Arm)
  • Canek
  • and many more…

Nowadays there are functions of lucha libre on Tuesdays and on Fridays nights in the Arena Mexico.

The price of the tickets depends on each wrestling, but you can get a good place for 120 Mexican pesos (6 euros). Inside the Arena Mexico, you can buy beer, food and even a mask of your favorite wrestler, you can insult the referee or the wrestler you do not like, it is an experience that you will not forget.  

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If you come to Mexico City and you do not attend one of those shows, you just simply did not visit the capital of this country.

Finally, remember this shout:  ‘The rudos los rudos los rudoooooooooooooos’

And you, are you rudo or técnico?, Who is your favorite wrestler? Share your comments :)


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