A few months ago I was at home, sitting on my sofa scrolling Facebook and I came across with an article that many of my expats friends who live in Poland were sharing. I read the title of the article and I was surprised that someone wrote an article about a topic that by many people could be considered sensitive or taboo.

I was really curious to read it, the tittle of it was “Why foreigners don’t feel safe in Poland on Independence Day“. I started, and honestly I really enjoyed the content of it, mainly because I felt identified with many of the words written in it.

A few weeks later, I went to a birthday party of my Bolivian friend and I had the pleasure to meet with the author of that blog where the article was published, and that is how I met Phil an Australian blogger living in Poland.

We talked a lot, we were sharing our experiences of living in Poland, our favorite Polish food, favorite cities of the country and so on. We kept in touch and I decided to invite him to make a small interview, just as I did with some other expats bloggers in Poland like Polonization or Yo en Polonia. He accepted this invitation and the result was great!

Phil From

My guest at this interview is Phil, he was born in Melbourne Australia, and he moved to Poland two and a half years ago. Maybe you are wondering: Why did he move from the other side of the world? The answer is really simple, because of his Polish girlfriend (super weird reason, right?). Now he is working in Marketing, writing amazing content in English.

Phil decided to create his blog because he wanted to show people all over the world the beauty of Poland and its culture and history. He couldn’t believe that many Expats who are living in Poland who came here for work or any other reason, didn’t know about many historical events of Warsaw and Poland in general.

His blog, as Phil said, is also a space where any foreigner can share their story about their life in Poland. I believe this is awesome because we can all know what people from all over the world think about this country.

Interview with Phil

I met with Phil in Warsaw, he also lives here so it was easier to set up a meeting. We met close to the Vistula River, right in front of one of the best museums in Warsaw, the Copernicus Science Centre.

The day was really nice, so it was perfect to shoot the interview. At the beginning of the video we had a few problems with the audio (my mistake :P), but we were able to fix it. During the interview I asked him questions about his life in Poland, about his blog and his controversial article, and of course about his favorite Polish food. But not only that, he told us a few interesting things about Australia. Some of his answers were really surprising!

You can check the interview here:

Thank you once again Phil, it was great to meet you and it was fun and interesting to make this interview!

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