** In this post I am not trying to offend anyone, I am not being racist, macho or anti-feminist, it is just a post written with a sense of humor**

Some time ago I received a few suggestions from our Polish girls readers about writing a post about the women in Poland. So I though to write a post called ‘Why you should marry a Polish girl?‘ – I loved the idea, so here we go.

I have been living in Poland for almost 2 years, the time here has been fantastic and the truth is that it is incredible how many times a man can fall in love in this country.

ludwika paleta Polish Mexican actress
Ludwika Paleta Polish Mexican actress

The reasons you should marry with a girl from Poland

  • They are the most beautiful, pretty and sexy woman I have ever seen
  • They are really intelligent and smart – if you are a man, I´m afraid they will be smarter than you
  • They speak more than 1 language fluently – something good if you are a foreigner
  • They are possessive (some of them do exaggerate) but being with these women you cannot say anything
  • They can drink, drink and drink litres of vodka and not get drunk – I have not been able to beat them in that
  • They have the secret of the eternal youth – they look like 20 years old and they might have more than 30
  • They have beautiful eyes that hypnotise the bravest men
  • They are really close to their families – if they live in another city they will go to visit them a lot of times during the year
  • A lot of variety – tall, short, blonde, redheads, brunettes, blue eyes, green eyes, gray eyes, etc.
  • They are proud of their history, culture, language and country
  • They are really open to new things and new people
  • They love to dance – one advantage for all the Latino guys
  • They know how to cook – well, not all of them, but you can always order a pizza
  • They dress and make up like top models
  • And Polish women are so incredibly HOT!!!! (with all the respect)

Mexican blogger living in Poland


  1. Hola man.
    Creo que eres Mexicano así que nos entenderemos mejor.
    Valla que sí son hermosisisimas, yo en mi intercambio visite Polonia y uff me cae que sí me casaba mínimo 2 veces al día.
    Ojala y presentarás algunas ya que andas por allá

    • Mirka Kozikowski

      Es sierto que los hispanos le gustan las POLACAS. Y DAVID QUE ESCRIBISTE ES TODO SIERTO TAMBIEN

  2. It’s really funny that you try to excuse yourself for being not anti-feminist.

    It’s also funny that you consider “They are possessive’ an argument for marrying them.

    “They are really intelligent and smart – if you are a man I have to tell you that they will be smarter that you” – looks like you try to shine up to someone…good luck

    • Hahaha agree with Edi….but the guy who wrote this blog cannot even correct his grammar…..what do you expect.

  3. Chris Brony Reply

    They’re good in bed and are well groomed.

    You must make them believe it is a long term relationship and there is a future, even if you do this with several girls at the same time.

    • Sahalinka

      Chris Brony co za glupi facet myslacy ze jest cwany. Nie nawidze takich facetow. Zero zasad. Poprostu zwykla kurwa meska.

    • yeah sure in this case ur the “asshole” who dsnt deserve ANY WOMEN !!! I hope one day u meet the one u will actually fall for her nd she will be doing it with several men IN UR OWN HOUSE !!!! Good luck jerk !

    • Chris' Dad

      What a fucking douchebag/asshole/fiut/dick…
      I hope you get AIDS!

    • Chris' Dad

      What a fucking douchebag/asshole/fiut/dick…
      I hope you get AIDS!

    • What you wrote only proves that you never was with one :) Polish women are VERY clever and it’s incredibly hard for a man to cheat on one with another girl….and you are talking about ”SEVERAL” at once? You are clearly a child or not very mature troll. Wouldn’t be surprised if you were one seeing as you have ”Brony” as your ”surname” which is nickname given to male fans of my little pony TV series…

    • so she must be more stupid than you… well… in all countries there are some mental people, it must be this…. she has to be mental that she is still with you….

    • Chris Brony

      But you dont know me. You dont know her.

      I actually think Polish women are very nice and I have met loads of them.

      They’re intelligent and sensible and good looking – and seem so much better than the Polish men for some reason. Not sure why. But they’re more confident and don’t have an inferiority complex like the Polish men do.

      My points are made on the basis of the following:

      1. Lots of conversations with men who live and work in Poland.
      2. My own experience with Polish women.

      This has made me certain the of the following:

      1. They are well groomed. Really well dressed and well groomed everywhere where its nice to have a girl well groomed. They’re sexy and know how to act sexy, but have respect for themselves.
      This leads onto –
      2. Because they have respect for themselves they are much less likely to sleep around for fun unless they feel there is a relationship there. Now in my case I am in a great serious long term relationship. I don’t need to pretend or fake…but my comment was to help and advise those men who are interested in how to approach Polish women. My advice is that if you wish to sleep with them it’s best if they feel there is a relationship there. For Polish women do not tend to sleep around as casually as the girls we are used to in the UK etc. Polish women are more emotionally attached.

      Please see everything I say as a compliment to Polish women.

    • John M Howsam

      God created Polish women first–perfect exampleof humanity and beauty.

    • Josephine

      Brony is lying. He is just fantasising about how he would like his life to be but in reality he is at home playing Dungeons and Dragons with his online, equally sad, friends. Polish girls can smell a knob head from a hundred paces. NOW WAKE UP – BACK IN THE ROOM!!

    • chris, you are typical british man. there should be an article “WHY YOU SHOULDN’T MARRY BRITISH PORK”.

    • Oh man, you’re a sad human being. I truly pity you.

    • What a fucking ashole u are!! Oh no sorry you are JUST a man..

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