This week I had the chance to meet with a really cool Spanish blogger that also lives in Warsaw. This is my second interview with an international blogger and it was really amazing.

Carlos from Yo En Polonia

My guest of this week was Carlos, he is from Leon – Spain – and he has been living in Warsaw for about 1 year. The reason of why he decided to move to Poland is one of the most common reasons foreigners had to migrate to this European country.

Carlos also has a blog about life in general in Poland, the name of his blog is Yo En Polonia (Me In Poland), his blog is currently in Spanish only but he might be starting to write in English!

yo en polonia blog

In this interview Carlos told me his experiences in Poland, his favorite Polish food and his favorite city! He also tell us what he doesn’t like about Poles…

I met with Carlos in a cafe in Old Town in Warsaw, that’s why you may hear some sounds in the background, but I believe the audio is great and you will be able ti understand everything.

In case you want to share this video to someone that doesn’t speaks English but that knows Spanish you can send him/her the video too, all the video has subtitles in Spanish.

I am sure you will love this interview in case you are a foreigner that is willing to move to Poland, or just if you are a Polish guy that wants to know what a Spanish guy thinks about Poland :)

Did you like the interview?

After watching the interview with Carlos, I hope that if you are considering to move to Poland soon this video will be helpful for your decision. As you see Poland is a great country with awesome people.

Also, I want to ask which are your thoughts about this video. Did you enjoy it? Do you want me to do more videos like this?

Finally, Which are your favorite bloggers that write about Poland? Do you think that they would be interested in making an interview with me? I will be waiting for your comments.


Mexican blogger living in Poland

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