As you may know, I’m a huge fan of football. When I was younger, before moving to Poland, I spent many years playing in different clubs in Mexico, and a few times I felt this sport would be my life! Well, it turned out that now I’m not playing professionally or anything like that but I still love to watch football matches at home or at a bar during the weekends. I especially enjoy watching my Mexican team ‘Necaxa’ and of course – Real Madrid.

One day I was scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed, and one of my friends shared a video of something called Bubble Soccer. I started watching it and I was laughing pretty hard! The players were running inside giant bubbles, pushing and tackling each other, and the result was hilarious.

But before we continue, you might be wondering…

…What the Heck is Bubble Football?

Bubble Football, also known as Bubble Soccer or Bubble Bump Football, was created by two Norwegian guys: Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden in 2011. Since then, it started to gain popularity mainly in USA and England. And because this new sport is super entertaining, on May 2018 the first Bubble Football World Cup was organized in London.

How to Play Bubble Soccer?

The rules are really simple: you can play indoors or open spaces like a field or even at the beach. There is no official statement of how many players have to play at once, but it is recommended by the experts that a team should have at least 2 players. The objective of the game, just as in normal football, is to score the major amount of goals.

The official outfit is to wear a gigantic inflatable bubble that will cover your middle and upper body. Your legs will be in complete freedom so you can run and kick the ball as you want.

Can I Play Bubble Football in Warsaw?

When I watched that video about bubble soccer I was determined to try it out because it looked supper fun! But then I realised that the video was recorded in Australia, so as you may guess – quite far away from Poland, right? But I had still hope to find bubble football in Warsaw and play this asap! So I turned to my best friend Google and I found the site that offered bubble football games and some other crazy activities, especially as ideas for stag parties or for those who are looking to do something different on their weekend. This site, my friends, in GmoodsBall.

What happened next seems to have been my destiny: the guys from GmoodsBall sent me a message a couple of days after, told me that they were followers of my blog and asked if I would be interested in playing bubble football with them. And the best part is that I could play in Warsaw!

At first I was not that sure, mainly because I’m still a little afraid of breaking my knee again, but then I thought: “Why not? You only live once”. So I texted these guys and I started to check their site to know what to expect. GmoodsBall not only offers bubble football, but also some other pretty crazy activities that are ideal especially for stag, birthday or corporate parties. What you can play with them is:

  • Snook Ball: The perfect combination of pool and football
  • Shock Football: Get short-term electrical shocks on your legs. Thunder, feel the thunder!
  • Alco Football: Have you ever played after having a few drinks…? Well, you can check out what it would feel like!

My Experience Playing Bubble Bump Football in Warsaw

GmoodsBall sent me a message to meet at the beach under Most Poniatowskiego (right in front of the National Stadium in Poland). I went there with my girlfriend, we arrived to the sand pitch and we were ready to play!

We took off our shoes, and we crawled into the gigantic balls (it’s not what you think…!). It was a little hard at the beginning but we were able to do it. The referee blew his whistle and the game started. There were 2 players per team, it was a fast and intense match but I was able to score the first goal of the evening! After a few minutes I was exhausted of running in the sand while carrying a gigantic bubble on my shoulders (I know my physical condition is not the best but I’m improving). We played for less than 10 minutes, divided in 2 halves, but I felt as if I had ran a marathon.

How Can I join in Warsaw?

When we finished I asked the guys: “Are you here every day or how does it work? Can anyone join?”. They told me there are two options:

  1. Anyone can come to the beach under Most Poniatowskiego every Thursday at 7pm during the summer season, and they have open trainings for free!
  2. In case you would like to have a private meeting, for example a stag party for your best friend, you can call them and they can prepare something special for you! They have group packages designed for every occasion like birthday, corporate party, etc.

I think it’s really cool that they offer this type of activities to all of the people in Warsaw!

Check the video I made while playing bubble football:

Can Anyone Play Bubble Football?

My answer is – yes! Just watch out for your knees, warm up before playing, and then you will be good to go.

I strongly recommend you to try this out! It is super awesome and believe me, you will come back and play again.

Once again, thank you GmoodsBall for the invitation! It was great and I will come back to play again with you soon!


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