Christmas is coming and the whole world is getting ready to receive it. Millions of people are going shopping to buy the perfect present for family and friends. Millions of children are already writing their wishes to Santa Claus, hoping that they will receive the toy of their dreams, well of course just in case they behaved well during the whole year.

But Christmas is not only spending money on gifts, this time of the year is ideal to spend time with the ones we love, share stories and future plans, walk around the Christmas Markets in the cities while drinking a hot cup of chocolate.

Christmas Season in Poland

In Poland, this is not different, most of the cities organize different Christmas season activities and attractions made for everyone! Those attractions are incredibly beautiful, it doesn’t matter if it’s super cold out there, you will want to go out and explore those places.

One of the things I love the most about being in Poland during this part of the year is the possibility to visit the Christmas Markets! Plus, if it will be snowing, there is no better scenario to go there. Those markets are magical, they are full of light and happiness which makes impossible to feel bad or sad at the time you are there.

In the major Polish cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, Łódź or Poznań for example, the old towns of those cities are completely transformed, the main streets are illuminated with decorations, and sometimes you feel like in a typical Christmas American movie.

Christmas Season in the Capital

In Warsaw, for example, there are a few markets around the city where you can buy traditional Polish food, try a delicious cup of hot wine, buy some Christmas souvenirs or gifts, and even you can ice-skating if you are lucky! There are a few ice-rinks around Warsaw! The biggest one is in the National Stadium, and probably the most attractive one is right in front of the Palace of Culture.

Main Christmas Tree in Warsaw

The main square in the Old Town has the most popular Christmas Market in Warsaw. Close to this place, right in front of the Royal Palace, the main Christmas Tree is located! Thousands of lights illuminate it and definitely, you will take a selfie and share it with the world!

Most Beautiful Street in Warsaw

The most beautiful street in Warsaw with no doubt is Nowy Świat, this street is full of shops, restaurants, historical places and many more things. At the beginning of Nowy Świat you can find the famous palm tree, and at the end of the street, you will encounter with the Old Town. Along this street, during Christmas season, you will see many decorations that will make you feel like in a Disney story.

Christmas Labyrinth in Wilanów

Also, one of the most beautiful palaces in Poland which is located in Warsaw – The Wilanów Palace – has a special attraction during the winter season. Each year they create a labyrinth full of Christmas lights, which is really beautiful, plus the best part is that you can also enjoy a ‘movie-light’ show every 30 minutes in the walls of the palace. It is a must seen in the capital.

Christmas Season Around Different Cities in Poland

But it’s not only Warsaw where all the magic happens, in different cities, there are also many attractions, for example, Wrocław has one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets I’ve ever seen! If you don’t believe me check the following video:

Also, in Kraków there is probably the largest Christmas Market in Poland basically because it covers most of the main square in Old Town which is huge! This place makes Kraków even more beautiful than it is.

In some other cities like Torun, Poznan or Zamość there are many Christmas attractions that will make you crazy!

Spend a White Christmas in Zakopane

One of the main attractions in Poland during this season is Zakopane. Many Poles decide to spend their winter holidays at the Polish mountains and I completely understand it. To get there it might be quite complicated because there is only one road and many many cars, so you will spend a couple hours there just waiting in the line. But, when you finally arrive at Zakopane you will probably see the best landscapes in your entire life!

It is 99% probable that it will be snowing, so you will be able to spend a white Christmas with your family and friends, also if you like to go skiing this is also the right place for you!

Christmas Transportation in the Cities

Can you imagine go inside the metro or the bus and see that they are decorated with Christmas stuff? Well you will love this, in many cities in Poland there are some public transportation vehicles which are decorated completely with Christmas stuff. This is a brilliant idea mainly because we can enjoy our way home in the best possible way.

In Warsaw for example, a whole train in the Metro line 1 was completely decorated! Just like in this picture:

You Will Get Hungry

Of course, when you will be walking around those magic places, you will definitely get hungry! But there is good news for you, around all those markets in Poland there are many stands or small restaurants where you can buy delicious traditional Polish food! For example pierogi, bigos, barszcz or the traditional Polish sausage (kiełbasa).

Also if you have a chance to spend Christma’s Eve in Poland you will discover some unique traditions Poles have during this day, especially the 12 Christmas dishes! One surprising thing for me was that during this dinner there is no meat at all! While in Mexico, that night is when we eat more meat than any other day in the year!

The Polish food during Christmas is really good to warm you up, but in case you are not hungry but you would like to drink something instead, well I can recommend you to drink a hot wine or a cup of hot chocolate!

Hot wine is the best Christmas drink for me when I’m walking with temperatures below 0-Celsius degrees. I  start drinking it, and I feel how my body starts to warm up! One of the best feelings ever!

Spending New Year’s Eve in Poland

If you don’t have plans yet of where to spend New Year’s Eve I strongly recommend you to come to Poland, but especially to Warsaw! On the night of the 31st of December, there will be a fireworks show in the National Stadium and in some parts of the city center. This show is spectacular and you will receive the new year in the best possible way!

Don’t hesitate! Come to Poland this season and spend a great time in this beautiful country. You will see magical places, eat delicious food and meet a lot of awesome people!

I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Mexican blogger living in Poland

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