One of the most beautiful traditions in the world is just in a few days and all the world is ready for it! In each country the way of celebrating Christmas may be super different regarding the traditions, food or activities you do during this day. In Poland, they celebrate this day in a really delicious way!

Christmas in Poland

In my country of origin – Mexico – there is a different way of celebrating Christmas than in here, for example we have to break a piñata! But here in Poland, it’s another story; One of the most characteristic things about this day is the Traditional Polish Christmas Food.

The first Christmas I spent in this country was full of surprises, it was the first time I spent this day abroad and I was willing to learn a lot of new things!

The dinner table was ready and I was starving. I saw a lot of new and weird Polish dishes but I didn’t see the ‘traditional’ food I was used to see on this day. So I asked gently: Excuse me, Where is the turkey or the meat? The Polish family looked at me and they almost laughed at me. When they told me “this is Christmas Eve son, we don’t eat meat today…” I was like WHAT!!!????

cena navidad polonia

This was a really big surprise for me! Back in my country, on this day we eat meat more than any other day in the year.

I started to eat the first Polish dish of the night and it was really good, then I saw that there were 11 dishes more to go. I was curious to see all of those 12 dishes so I asked: Why do you eat twelve dishes during the Christmas Eve dinner?

List of The12 Traditional Polish Christmas Dishes

The tradition in Poland is that you will eat 12 dishes during Christmas Eve dinner. Maybe you are wondering: why twelve dishes ? The answer to this is because of the twelve Apostles and it also represents the twelve months of the year.

Let’s start with the 12 Traditional Polish Christmas Dishes

Polish Soups

1)Barszcz czerwony (Borscht)

A great hot polish soup to start Christmas Eve celebration

Barszcz z uszkami

2) Grzybowa (Mushroom soup)

Second Polish soup of the night!


Polish Main Dishes

3) Pierogi (polish dumplings)

The most delicious Polish food… for me! :D With cabbage and mushrooms

Pierogi 07-01

4) Karp (Carp)

As delicious as it looks likes :P

5) Karp po zydowsku (Carp Jewish style)

Gefilte Fish

6) Śledzie (Herrings)

Great to eat with Polish vodka

Żywność - 030

7) Kapusta z grochem

In my opinion, it is super sour… not my favourite one

00503 Traditionelle Erbsen mit Kohl von Sanok 2012

8) Ryba po grecku (Fish greek style)

One of the best dishes during the night!

Ryba po grecku (Poznan) Wigilia 2017

9) Kutia

We can say that it is rice

Holy Eve cooking. Kutia

Polish desserts

10) Piernik

Beautiful and delicious!

PL gingerbread from Torun

11) Makowiec

The best cake in the world!

04477 Poppy seed cake Makowiec

Polish beverage

12) Kompot

While you are drinking Coca-Cola, Poles drink Kompot :D


Merry Christmas!

I just want to wish you Merry Christmas and I hope that you can spend this day with the people you love

Feliz Navidad  | Merry Christmas | Wesołych Świąt


Mexican blogger living in Poland


  1. Kutia is not even close to rice.

    Piernik must be a local thing. How about cheesecake?

    No vegetable salad?

    No eggs in mayo?

  2. Hi! You must be from a very different part of Poland to us if these dishes are unfamiliar to you. Here in Malopolska, this is what most people have on their table – what dishes would you consider the 12 traditional Wigilia dishes?

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