So you have been learning Polish for a while now, and you are thinking that you are the king of Poland and that you can go out there and start talking in Polish with locals, start flirting with beautiful Polish girls or handsome boys … Well my friend, today I will test your skills! and I will see if you are familiar with the most weird (and at the same time: funny) Polish idioms.

Polish Language

Polish language is one of the most difficult languages to learn! It is believed that on average a person must study Polish for 5 years to become fluent! When you start learning Polish, sometimes you want to cry because after some classes you will not be able to say even simple word or  phrases in this language. I can tell you now, that it is possible to learn Polish but you need to study a lot and don’t get desperate when you are not able to pronounce crazy Polish phrases that look like a tongue-twister like ‘cieszę się, że się cieszysz’.

Let’s start this Polish crazy quiz! Please share your score in the comments section, I am curious how many of you know these weird Polish expressions.

Warning: some of them will just seem hilarious to you.

Note: The quiz has 15 questions and there is just one correct answer per question!

Good Luck!

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  1. I’ve never heard of “Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy” and “Jedzie mi tu czołg?” and I got “Chodzić na rzęsach” wrong.
    Fortunately I got the rest right because it’s my native language. Guess I’m pretty Polish.
    Good post though, keep it up!

    • Hola Adrian! :D Thank you for answering the quiz, I received a lot of help of my Polish friends to make this quiz :D Honestly, a lot of those expressions don’t make any sense to me haha I hope you can share it with your friends! :D

  2. Vickynella Reply

    Yo nunca escuché lo de cyrk pero lo de rzęsy me parece que tiene un significado diferente ^^ aunque no estoy segura!

  3. Of course 15/15. Pro native ;)
    However “Mówić prosto z mostu” is not exactly “speak very honestly”, rather to speak in direct way, skipping some irrelevant descrption. Similar meaning have “mówić bez ogródek” and “nie owijać w bawełnę”. Good example will be: instead telling to the girl “let’s go to my place, i’ll show you my great collection of post stamps”, tell “i want to go to bed with you, let’s go to my place” (assuming last one is the true intetion in both cases).
    It can be also understood as get to the point immediately, for example when you call to someone, instead of asking how is half of his family and how passed him last half of the year, you go immediately to the point: “Hello, Dude, i need you to borrow me 1000zł” (also in direct way).

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