Recently, one of my readers sent me a message with a great question: Do you know the name of the place where there are the curved trees? After reading the question I was not sure if she made a mistake or not, so I decided to make a research about those curved trees and what I found was extraordinary, with no doubt one of the most incredible places that I’ve ever seen: The Crooked Forest in Gryfino – a mysterious place in Poland.

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What Is the Crooked Forest?

The Crooked Forest is an area that has more or less 400 pines in total and it is believed that those pines were planted in 1930. The extraordinary characteristic of this forest is that the trees growing there have been deformed in a really particular way.

Why Is the Gryfino Forest Mysterious?

The mystery and the craziness of the Gryfino Forest is that the trees there are curved! Yes… you read it right, they are mysteriously bent! And the weirdest thing is that nobody knows the real reason or what happened to those trees.

Crooked Forest Poland

What Could Have Caused Poland’s Crooked Forest?

This remains as a mystery till today. There have been many theories about it, and the most popular are the following:

  1. The first explanation says that the trees in the Gryfino Forest were deformed by some farmers after the just planted them. The farmers wanted to curve those trees with the idea of using the wood for furniture or to build boats, but they stopped their activities when the Second World War started, and thus leaving the mystery of their actions to rest of the people for more than 70 years!
  2. Many people believe that a snowstorm and a blizzard covered those trees and the trees were deformed due to the heavy amounts of snow they had on them.
  3. It is because of gravitational forces!

But the truth is that nobody knows exactly what really happened to those trees, and that is why this is a must-see place to visit in Poland, just like the Wieliczka Salt Mines!

Crooked Forest Poland 2

Where Is Located the Crooked Forest?

The Crooked Forest is located outside the region of Nowe Czarnowo, at the northwest of Poland and really close to the border with Germany. It is about just 40 km from a quite popular Polish city: Szczecin. The best and easiest way to go to this place is by car, you will just need to drive around 40 minutes from Szczecin or, if you are based in Germany, you can drive from Berlin and you will need to drive for about 2 hours.

Crooked Forest Poland 4


After reading all the mystery involved in this place it is worth it to visit the Crooked Forest. The best time to visit it is summer of course because there are more chances that you will spend a great time in that forest. And if you decide to go there don’t forget to take a camera with you! You will need it for sure!

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