To write this post was really difficult to be honest, because all the Mexican gastronomy is one of the main reasons that Mexico is famous around the world, and making a ranking about the top 10 most delicious Mexican dishes is something controversial, but this is my personal ranking:

1) Tacos

I can say that is the food that all the Mexicans enjoy, the best of all is that we can make tacos of everything: steak, chicken, pork and even spaguetti’s tacos.

01 Tacos al Pastor

2) Tamales

The tamales are a typical food in the Mexican journey, it is really common that we have during the breakfast green tamales, red tamales, sweet tamales and oaxaqueños while drinking a hot ‘atole’.

Tamal verde, Xochimilco, México

3) Tortas

The tortas are basically a big sandwich, and they must be in this list. It is really common to eat a torta outside from a Metro station. The names of the tortas are really original: Cuban torta, German Torta, Argentine Torta, Texan Torta, and many more names.

Tortas Oaxaquenas

4) Chiles en Nogada

The chiles en nogada were created in Puebla, Mexico. They were created for the Emperor Agustín de Iturbide. This food is certainly from the kings, and if you do not believe me you can check the following picture.

Chile en nogada

5) Cochinita Pibil

The delicious cochinita pibil is from Yucatan, Mexico. This food is really hard to prepare but if it is made correctly, the result is amazing. The traditional way to eat is with a special sauce with purple onion, vinegar and habaneros.

Cochinita pibil 2

6) Barbacoa

This dish is made from sheep meat and the way to cook it is a secret in the Mexican culture, this food is quite expensive but it totally worth it.

Barbacoa (en Hidalgo)

7) Pozole

I can say that this is the most Mexican dish ever created. This food was created in the Pre-hispanic era. The pozole is prepared with corn, vegetables and meat (chicken or pork). It is said that in the past, the pozole was prepared with human meat!


8) Mole

The mole is also from Puebla, Mexico. An easy way to explain this dish is: a sauce made of chocolate and spicy chile. It is common to eat mole with rice and chicken or turkey. Also you can prepare ‘Enchiladas’.


9) Chilaquiles

This dish is normally eaten when you have hangover. The chilaquiles are fried tortilla with green or red sauce, and of course they have to be spicy to taste good.

01 Chilaquiles verdes con frijoles chinos

10) Sopes, quesadillas, tlacoyos and gorditas

We can find this food in any street in Mexico. If you are in a foreign country, Don’t you miss a quesadilla when you go to work?

Sopes y Huaraches

Do you like Mexican food? What is your favorite one?


Mexican blogger living in Poland


  1. Mary Rogers Reply

    Nice to see different food and cultures from other countries, Seems like all Mexican food is spicy, That is great for folks who can handle that type of food. I personally cannot eat spicy, hot foods. Seems the tummy cannot handle all that heat. Folks who can handle the HEAT enjoy.

    • Not all the Mexican food is spicy, but we love spicy food haha There are many dishes in Mexico that don’t have spicy at all and they are awesome! :D

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