When you live outside from Mexico it is normal that you miss some things that before we saw as normal activities, but when you are abroad you really need them in order to be happier.

The first days or weeks you are abroad you do not even miss your friends or family that live in Mexico, we are enjoying the time, exploring new cities, hanging out with handsome boys or beautiful girls, or you just simply forget where you are from.

But after some time you realise that you miss your country and you cry when you figure out that you are thousands of Km’s away from home :(

Now that I live in another country I  could say that what I miss from Mexico are the following things:

1) The delicious tacos we have in every corner of the city… at 2 am after a good party they taste better

001_Tacos_de_carnitas,_carne_asada_y_al_pastor (1)

2) The wonderful weather we have during the whole year, those 4 months of extreme cold is not really for me

3) To drink a good tequila, being in Poland there are brands that I never saw in Mexico in my whole life! And they tasted horrible to be honest! :P Or the incredible ‘caguamas’ after playing a football match


4) The delicious ‘garnachas’ that are really unhealthy, but they are the most delicious food in the whole world! For example: quesadillas, pambazos, gorditas, sopes, tlacoyos, huaraches, flautas, tortas, tamales, guajolotas, chilaquiles, tecolotes, tostadas, etc, etc, etc.


5) The amazing traffic jam of the big cities, for example in Mexico City it is incredible to spend 3 hours in your car in order to go to your job :)

6) The micros, combis, metro, byci-taxis and any other public transportation vehicle, they are not the fastest or the prettiest… but travelling in those vehicles is a typical thing of the Mexican Culture :)


7) The prices of the food in Mexico are the paradise! you can eat a ‘giant torta’ for 30 pesos (2 euros), or a full meal for 40 pesos (2.5 euros) is incredible! When you are  in another country and you realise that with 30 pesos you cannot even buy a bottle of water you will miss Mexico for sure!

8) The taste, colour, price and texture of the fruits and vegetables. When you are abroad, you will regret that you did not eat your vegetables when your Mexican mother told you to do it

9) The quality, charisma, love and happiness of the Mexican people. When some stranger smile at you, is something you will miss a lot

10) To play ‘cascaritas’ (football) in the street of your house with all your friends. And remember the rule: the fat kid will always be the goalkeeper

11) The Mexican beaches to show our espectacular bodies of 90-60-90


12) That you cannot find any sauce or chili that are really spicy to put in all your food

13) Our parties where you dance, drink, laugh, play… a party where you do not dance it is not a party

14) To speak our unique language that identify us as Mexicans. Example: güey, cabrón, chilango, etc.

15) Our culture and traditions that are unique and impress the whole world. Mexico is an unique country!


And you, what do you miss from Mexico? Leave your comments below


Mexican blogger living in Poland


  1. I live in Warsaw and I’ve been in Mexico only once for a couple of hours, but my best friend moved to Mexico some 6 months ago, and I can tell what he misses about Poland: pierogi, bigos, delicje and ptasie mleczko :D

  2. ohhh I would definitely swap pierogi for having tacos available at every corner 24h :D I’m applying for internships in Latin America and I’m curious – what would be a most important tip you would give to a person arriving there to live for a year or more? :)

    • Hey Magda, well that is a very hard question to answer :D It depends obviously to which country you are going but… I could say that the most important is to be ‘Open-mind’. Latin America is completely comparing to Europe, you will have to eat extravagant food, to understand our culture and try to adapt it (never be on time haha), and it is 99% sure that almost all the people will be starring at you int he streets if your skin is white and if you have blonde hair :D But believe me… You will have the best time of your life in Latin America! :D Where are you planning to live? I hope that in Mexico!

    • Thanks for speedy reply, David :D I’m applying for Chile and Peru, but I’d prefer Peru so that I can spend every weekend hiking around archeological sites :P Thanks for advice, I am really looking forward to getting to know the culture! I’ve already met many ppl from Latin America and I am always amazed that you guys are just so much more relaxed about life and much more able to enjoy the moment :)
      Oh gosh, I’m blonde an 180cm tall, well, looks like I’ll have to get used to people statig at me :P
      You’re so positive that now I am looking forward to it even more :D :D

    • Woow that is awesome! where are you from? From Poland? I have some friends from Peru and they are really cool! :D And haha I guess a lot of people will be looking at you in the streets! :D So many boyfriends you will have! :D

    • Yeah, but I’ve been living abroad for few years and feel like it’s time to explore a new continent :) I’ll send you an email in a while :D

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