The winter in Poland doesn’t seem to have an end, the cold weather is present everyday and most of us need to walk to our work or school struggling with the low temperatures in this European country.

How to Keep Warm During Winter in Poland

When I was a child and there were low temperatures in Mexico (15 degrees :P ) my mother told me that the best way to keep warm was to eat a hot home-made soup.

As all the moms in the world, she was too damn right, I remembered that when I moved to Poland and from time to time during winter I try to prepare a traditional Polish soup.

Polish gastronomy is really diverse and certainly there is one thing in which Poles are experts: How to prepare a good soup! :)

Top 10 Most Delicious Soups in Poland

After living in Poland for almost 4 years and visiting innumerable times Babcia’s house, here are the The 10 Most Delicious Soups in Poland (Babcia approves this list):

1. Żurek – The King of Soups

Believe my friend, if you visited Poland in the past and you didn’t eat Żurek in bread well you didn’t visit Poland at all! In my opinion this is the best soup in Poland and maybe one of the best in the whole world!

The most traditional and ‘fancy’ way to eat this soup is that instead of a plate you have a piece of bread! Inside the bread the soup is served :) Żurek is made by eggs, Polish sausages, bacon and onion! It’s just delicious.

Żurek w chlebie z jajkiem i białą kiełbasą (3)

2. Barszcz Czerwony – Red As Christmas

This is one of the most traditional Polish soups. During Christmas Eve this is one of the dishes that is mandatory to have. Traditionally, it is made from raw beets and it’s served with small pierogi inside :) It is really delicious and the perfect dish during the cold winter in Poland.

Barszcz z uszkami

3. Flaki – Not For All of  You

If you don’t know what this soup is made from, I’m pretty sure you will like it… but if you don’t know I have to tell you.

Flaki is quite dense and made from shreds of beef stomach :P But believe me, you need to try it first! It is really delicious to be honest. This soup is one of the most traditional in the Polish cuisine.

Flaki (1)

4. Rosół – The Mandatory Soup for Sundays

I don’t know why but 99.99% of Polish people eat this soup on Sundays, yes that’s true! One of the main reasons is because is super tasty.

Rosół is made with chicken meat and is usually served with a home-made traditional Polish pasta called kluski.

09516 rosol z makaronem, sanok

5. Barszcz Grzybowy – The Mushroom One

This soup is also really traditional in the Polish gastronomy. If you visited Poland in the past, you may noticed that Poles are kind of addicted to Mushrooms… crazy right? :P

Well of course in this list I had to mention this Polish soup; It is made from Mushrooms, meat and vegetables.

Hungarian Mushroom Soup (8429188306)

6. Barszcz szczawiowy – The Impossible Name

This soup of the impossible name (try to pronounce it :P ) is quite healthy I can say. It is made from a tinny plant called sorrel and it might be prepared with potatoes and boiled eggs.


7. Krupnik – Simple But Delicious

This soup is easy to prepare and the ingredients are relatively easy to get. This soup is made with vegetables, meat and mushrooms :) Simple but delicious!

Krupnik zupa

8. Czernina – If You Like Ducks Stop Reading

This soup might be super weird for you! Traditionally, it is made by duck’s blood :P Certainly, maybe some of you will not like it, but of course it’s always nice to experiment new things and flavours!

this soup is considered by many Poles as one of the most delicious and fresh food in their gastronomy.

Czernina Oborniki

9. Zupa pomidorowa – The Classic One

This is one of the most classic soups in Poland. It is really possible that in many other countries around the world they will have the same one. This soup is made from Polish tomato and is served with pasta, but sometimes with rice or potatoes.

Cream of Tomato Soup

10. Zupa Gulaszowa – The Hungarian One

This soup is originally fro Hungary, but is really popular in Poland since many years ago. This soup is made from peppers, meat and onion :)

Now You Know How To Keep Warm

Next time you visit Poland for sure you will know exactly what to order in your favourite restaurant. Polish soups are incredibly good and definitely it is worth it to try at least once each of them.

Take care and Smacznego!


Mexican blogger living in Poland


  1. Mary V. Rogers Reply

    Loved learning about all the soups. My mom would make that duck soup (czarina) for my grandfather. As a kid I never liked that soup and will not eat it today. My favorite is mushroom and beet soup. Dont know why but my mom always used pork neck bones for that beet soup. It was alway delicious along with some sour cream. Now you have me longing for beet soup. Chido thanks for the memories.

  2. Zupa kalafiorowa, grzybowa z łazankami ,zalewajka,
    grochowa, barszczyk ukraiński,,
    Chłodnik litewski,zupa wisniowa
    ogórkowa z ryżem albo ziemniakami,
    To są zupy którymi Polacy się tez zajadają

  3. Matthew Worster Reply

    I’m going to cook it all, ASAP! Mom’s maiden name: Twardosky. Been eating Pierogi and Galumpki my whole life! Time to take it back to the roots and add my era of attitude of flavor to these great dishes. Thank you for allowing me to stumble across this awesome site!!! I subscribed, hope to find more great things from my heritage…

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