History of the Warsaw Uprising

Every 1st of August, in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, an amazing moment happens in this place.

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The Warsaw Uprising took place in the year 1944 and it was considered by the Polish people as the greatest and biggest rebellion against the Nazis. A lot of Polish people,including kids and women, died in this uprising while trying to defend their country. Once a year the city commemorates those heroes, and on 1st of August at 5 pm, an alarm will interrupt the activities in the city, all the people in Warsaw (but really all the people) will stop for 1 minute their activities, if you are going in the bus for example, the bus will stop completely in the middle of the street for 1 minute; the same if you are walking somewhere in Warsaw, you will see that Polish people will stop when hearing the alarms of the memorial of the Warsaw Uprising.

To be honest with you, the first time I saw this it was really touching, it is like you are watching a movie and suddenly you select ‘Pause’ and all the characters are ‘frizzed’, definitely you need to come and live this.

You can check the video I made about it :)

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Video of the Warsaw Uprising Memorial Day


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