Finally, after more than 3 years living in Poland I had the chance to attend to the biggest open-air festival in Europe – Pol’and’Rock Poland (previously known as Woodstock Poland) – wonderful, strange and surprising at the same time. It is really difficult to describe what this event is about, some years ago I heard stories and legends about this festival, but sometimes I thought that those people were exaggerating or telling some lies about it.

Arriving to Pol’and’Rock Poland

I am going to describe my experience to all the people that have not attended yet to this festival but also for all the people that went before just to see if they agree with me:

I decided to go by car to this festival, I considered as an easier wat to get there plus if I would find some hitchhikers I could help them. When I arrived to Kostrzyn and Odrą we had to stay in the line like 2 hours more less just to cross 3 kilometres. When we arrived to the places designed as ‘parking lots’ the reality of the trip jus started. The parking lot was just a path in the middle of the forest, and considering that it was raining the whole day and week, the path was full of water and mud… the color of the car is red, but after parking the car… it become brown color.


When I went out of the car we started unpacking our stuff, we took our tents, some bags with food and water. We walk for more less 25 minutes till we arrived to the main stage. We found a place to put our tent just in from of it and to start our amazing adventure.


Inside Pol’and’Rock Poland

When we get there we were really lost and we had no idea where to buy food or beer for example. Finally we met our friend Aneta and she started to give us a tour inside Pol’and’Rock. When you are walking there you realised that all those stories about the festival were absolutely true! it is kind of impossible to believe everything that is indies it. I have to admit that during the first hours I was feeling confused and scared, because with every step we have there were people or things that surprised us more and more. For example the people that are jumping and dancing just in front of the main stage and basically they are all covered with mud! It was just incredible and unbelievable.


We kept walking and I noticed something: ALL the people were happy! it was an atmosphere of just friendship and happiness in every corner of Pol’and’Rock. Some friends told me thetis because there are just drunk… this might be true :P … but for example in some bars in the capital a lot of people is drunk and some of they might be crying or fighting… in Pol’and’Rock all the people are friends.

Video about Pol’and’Rock!

I made a video about Pol’and’Rock, in which I could record a lot of things that I found while walking inside there. I hope you like it.:)

Mexican Band in Pol’and’Rock

At 2 am, a Mexican band called ‘Molotov’ was programmed to play at the festival. Then, I took out my Mexican flag just to show the presence of my country in Pol’and’Rock. When I was moving the flag a lot of Mexicans, Polish and Latinos started to say hello…. it was incredible to see that a lot of people around the world assist o this awesome event!


To finish this post I want to tell you some pros and cons about this festival… and just as some people told me… once you go there… you will ALWAYS want to come back… and I can confirm this!

Pros of Pol’and’Rock Poland

  • Peaceful and happiness environment – no violence at the festival
  • cheap beer and food: un beer of 0.5 laters just 4 zl, and a huge hamburger just 20 zl
  • people from all the ages: from kids of ages like 10 months old to people with more than 70 years old
  • creativity: a lot of people get dressed in spectacular ways, from nuns costumes to Pikachu costumes
  • the entrance to the festival is free… you just need to go there
  • there were a lot of sponsor in the event and they gave you a lot of souvenirs
  • there was some ATMs inside the festival (I am not joking), and it was possible to pay anything with Credit or Debit Card (I am not joking either)
  • you can make thousands of friends in some hours from different nationalities
  • and many but many more things…

Cons of Pol’and’Rock Poland

  • I think the only bad thing about this festival is that is really ‘dirty’, and I mean that your shoes or clothes will be completely destroyed. If you are a person that cannot sleep with dirty clothes at all, or if you cannot live if you don’t go to a proper toilet… well my friend this festival definitely is not for you :P

Mexican blogger living in Poland

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