In Poland we have now a perfect combination of good weather, awesome people and incredible places in each city or town that make us to stand up from the sofa and start enjoying everything that this country has to offer to us.

Walking around Warsaw

In the capital -Warsaw- this is not different, a lot of people is enjoying summer while walking across Nowy Swiat street, taking a beer on their favorite pubs but also enjoying some green places of the city… And by green places I don’t mean vegetarian or vegan restaurants out there, which I heard by the way that they are awesome too… What I am talking about is to enjoy the great parks that Wasaw has.

Palace on the Water, Łazienki Park, Warsaw

When I came to Warsaw for the first time it was quite surprising to see so many parks inside the Capital, I was expecting something similar like Mexico City which in  in comparison with Warsaw it does not have almost any park, and the ones that exist are located almost outside of the city.

Location of the Łazienki Park

The name of one of the main parks in Warsaw is Łazienki Park, which literally means ‘Baths Park’, a really curious name. I can say that this park is the most beautiful one in Warsaw and maybe in the whole Poland, if you had the opportunity to visit it you may agree with me.

This park is huge, the size of it is more than 70 hectares and yes… it is located in the city centre (in the Srodmiescie district), that’s why I considered it as the hearth of Warsaw, as it is the lung of the city.

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The history of the Łazienki Park

The history of this park took place some centuries ago; on the last decade of the 17th century the design and construction of this park started in the forest that existed there before. The idea of the park was to create a place for leisure and resting for the Prince Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski. Few years later the King Stanisław August decided to purchase this place together with the Ujazdowski State. The King wanted to build inside the forest a Royal summer residence. Then, he ordered to transform the Bathhouse pavilion that existed there into a Palace on the middle of the Lake; this is why the Park has his name ‘Łazienki Park’.


Enjoying the nature in Warsaw

When you are walking inside the park, all the noises of the city disappear and you can imagine easily that you are travelling back in time. The only things that surrounded you are trees, nature and some friendly squirrels that will approach you looking for some food (most of them are really friendly and they might pose for your pictures in exchange of some nuts).

Łazienki Park is basically a museum but is also considered as a place for some events like concerts, cultural or entertainment events.


Also, the most important monument of one of the greatest musicians ever – Fryderyk Chopin – is located inside the park, if you are a music lover during summer there are plenty of free piano concerts that are one of the main activities that give life to this park.


Łazienki Park & Palace – a place for everyone

This park is the favourite spot for many people (including myself), for example if you like to go jogging, to go for a romantic walk, to go and read an interesting book or just to give some food to ducks or squirrels this is the ideal place for you. If you go there for sure you will take some minutes to appreciate the beauty of the palace that is located in the middle of the lake.

With no doubt an amazing place in Warsaw… but also in Poland! :D


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