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Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to one city that is literally in the center of Poland. This city is the 3rd largest in this country, and it was an important region in the past, it became the most important centre of the textile industry of Poland. The name of the city is Łódź, an alternative city in the center of Poland.

Lodz statue

Walking around Łódź

Łódź is not considered as one the most beautiful or popular cities among the tourist or inhabitants of Poland. Many people believe that this city is ugly, with no places to visit and if you go there basically you will be bored the whole day – I have to admit that I thought the same.

Lodz muralWhen you start to walk around the city, you certainly can see that there are some zones of the city that are not well preserved, a lot of old and abandoned buildings which affect the perception of the tourists that come to Łódź.

Piotrkowska street

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But I want to tell you some interesting things about Łódź with the idea that you can encourage yourself to visit it. The city is just 1 hr and 20 minutes from Warsaw by train so you have no excuse.

Meaning of the word Łódź

The meaning of Łódź in English is boat, but the funny thing is that there are not large rivers near to Łódź.

Łódź is considered a significant cultural center in Poland, mainly because it has the best and most famous Film school in Poland, many of the best actors and directors such as Roman Polanski studied there.

Piotrkowska street statue

What to do in Łódź

Łódź also has the biggest shopping mall in Central Europe, this incredible shopping mall is called Manufaktura, it was built in an old factory and it is a perfect combination of the industrial and modernity of the city.


Łódź has the largest pedestrian street in whole Europe! This street is really beautiful and full of pubs, restaurants and interesting places to see. During the nights this street is the mandatory place to be. Close to this street there is a special area that is called ‘ OFF Piotrkowska’, I have to say that it is a great place to have a beer or to have a dinner. I could say that is a really hipster place :D

restaurant in Lodz

And for all the foreigners out there, Łódź has the best Polish school for foreigners :)

In my opinion Łódź has a lot of things to offer, but the promotion of the city is not good. It is true that it will be a challenge to change the actual perception of the city, but my advice to all the people that is reading this post is to visit the city and judge by yourself.

Piotrkowska street

Video One Day in Łódź


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