Sometimes in my life I was thinking: How was it possible that this guy invented this?, I mean if you think for a moment maybe it will be possible that you believe that there is nothing else that can be created nowadays… but one day some people will decide to do the impossible.

There have been outstanding minds along the history, they literally changed it and some of them were considered weird people, maybe because the rest of the population was not capable to understand them or to dream with them.

A lot of those great minds were from Poland and they literally changed the course of the history, I will tell you now 7 inventions from Poland that were revolutionary and that maybe you never knew that the creators were from this country.

List of Polish inventions

Movie Projector/Aeroscope

Kazimierz Prószyński was born in Warsaw, and he was the creator of the first movie projector and of a special camera known as ‘Aeroscope’. This special camera was the first stabilization camera and his first recording was over a horse to prove it worked.

The Bulletproof Vest

Kazimierz Żegleń was born in a small city called Tarnopol, which is really close to Ukraine. He invented the first bulletproof vest! It is not necessary to say that this tool has been saving a lot of lives in more than 100 years.


The Walkie-Talkie

Many of us when we were children we had some special toys to communicate with our friends, those toys were maybe our first ‘mobile-phone’. A polish engineer, Henryk Magnuski, created the first Walkie-Talkies ever! An invention that helped a lot of soldiers during the wars, and certainly that give a lot of fun to a lot of children around the world.

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Paraffin lamp

Some decades ago before we were blessed with the invention of the electricity, Ignacy Łukasiewicz had the idea to create the modern paraffin lamp. With no doubt, a revolutionary tool in his time.


Mine Detector

A Polish engineer, Józef Kosacki, was the inventor of the first portable mine detector! His invention has been used more than 50 years; his revolutionary invention saved a lot of lives and certainly gave a lot of advantages to the armies of several countries.


Sound in Films

For many us, the best Sundays evenings are to stay at home, prepare some hot chocolate, lie down in the sofa and watch a movie to finish the week with a good mood. Well, we have to thank to Joseph Tykociński-Tykociner, because he was a pioneer in the sound in films technology. He was the first to show a movie with synchronized sound! Incredible, isn’t it?



The astronomical model known as Heliocentrism, was created by a Pole born in Tourn, Poland. Mikołaj Kopernik created this model in which he establishes that the sun is the center of the Solar System and that the Earth and the other planets revolve around the Sun! Definitely Mikołaj Kopernik changed the history of the world! For the record this is not an invention… but it was worth to add it! :)


Do you know any other Polish invention? :)

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  1. Błażej Kaczmarek Reply

    Here You have othere Polish inventions:
    Colorful photo, reversible tank periscope, enigma machine, helicopter, bridge welding, blue laser, electrick clock, commodore 64 computer( it became the base for windows, apple and IBM, Czohralski process, petroleum refinery, Nagra proffesional recorders, Esperanto ( the most widely spoken created auxiliary language in the world, over 2 milion active speakers), the hydrogen bomb,golf cart, lunar roving vehicle(construction and design)

    • Jolanta Pałac

      But polish engineers had broked her kod saving many people during II WW.

    • Adam Akerman

      They broke first code of enigma. When they gave this code do british secret service enigma was already upgraded by Germans. Finally British mathematics broke the code of enigma, but most of job with this code was made by Poles.

    • Joseph Kwiatkowski

      What’s more, the Poles had the presence of mind to turn their findings over to the British and the French before World War Ii broke out. Now, I know the Poles destroyed their records; I’m not sure whether this was before or during the German invasion of Poland in 1939. The point is, the Germans never got wise to how much progress the Poles had made in breaking their ‘unbreakable’ code, or the fact that the British had all the available information.

  2. Whoever doubts in long ago established Polish inventions must be prejudiced and most likely American. They would like to get credit for everything. Let’s give them credit where the credit is due : 55000 homicides a year committed by guns. 50 millions citizens on food stamps. Education system not even close to Polish system. Homelessness the largest in the world. Health care system a joke. 67 % of American people either on recreational drugs or prescription drugs. I don’t feel like going on any further. However the list is long..

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