Definition of Superstitions

In all the countries in the world, depending on the culture, people believe in certain things or events that will bring you good luck but also bad luck. Those things are called superstitions.

Example of a Superstition in Mexico

In Mexico, for example, it is believed that on the New Year’s Eve, exactly after midnight, if you start running with a suitcase around your street… the next year you will travel a lot!! Many Mexicans do it and it is hilarious for me! :P

Polish Beliefs

In Poland of course, people also have a lot of superstitions I was quite surprised when I was hearing some of them I have to say :P I want to mention just some of the funniest Polish superstitions for me and I will divide them in two categories: those bringing good luck and those which bring bad luck :)

Good Luck Definition in Polish

To start talking about the most important Polish superstitions I believe it’s good to know how the term ‘Good-luck’ is in Polish language, the way to say it is ‘powodzenia’ :)

Good Luck in Poland

1) Superstition when waking up

I started this post with the tittle ‘Wake up with the right foot’ and this is right. In Poland people believe that  when you wake up, you should get out of the bed by placing your right foot on the floor! Otherwise, your day will be a disaster and a lot of bad things will happen to you during the day.

Sleeping man J1

2) Belief When Seeing a Nun

If you see a nun walking in the street, you must find a man wearing glasses and look at him, and you will have good luck for the rest of the day! :) But if you were not able to find a man wearing glasses, well, you will have bad luck on that day :(

Street Nuns (5468767745)

3) Marriage Superstition

If you are planning to get married the best months to do it are the ones that have a letter ‘R’ in its Polish name, for example: March (Marzec) or June (Czerwiec). If you do it you have more probabilities that your marriage will be perfect!

Model Shotgun wedding

4) Bocian’s Belief

There is a very typical bird in Poland that is called a stork (bocian). If you are in Poland and you see one of those birds flying or standing in its nest, you will have good luck! :D if you see it standing on the ground, well, you can expect that something bad might happen to you :P

5) Hand’s Superstition

To finish with good luck superstitions, I want to tell you that in Poland if you want to wish good luck to someone, instead of saying ‘I keep my fingers crossed’, you have to say ‘Trzymam kciuki’ :P This might be quite unpronounceable for a lot of foreigners but the meaning of this is similar to Thumbs Up! :)

Beide Daumen drücken

Definition of Bad Luck in Polish

Now I will tell you the most important Polish superstitions related with bad luck. First the definition  in Polish language is ‘pech’, :)

Bad Luck in Poland

1) Superstitions If You Are a Student

A lot of students believe that when you are in the classroom and you drop your notebook to the floor, well, you will have a surprise test on that notebook subject. So do not drop notebooks to 10 different subjects! Or you will have 10 different exams :P

Munkegaard School - school desk

If you get a haircut one day before an important exam you will have problems for sure! That is why a lot of students, specially before the Matura (high school final exams) will not get a haircut for sure! :)

India - Varanasi hairdresser - 0463

2) Watch out If You Forget Something at Home

A lot of us always forget something at home when we go to our work or school, but in Poland it is believed that if you forget something and you go back to home it will bring you bad luck! In case you really have to go back to your house,  you have to sit calmly on a chair and start counting from 1 to 10, and then you can leave the house. By doing this you scare the bad luck! :P Funny, isn’t it?

Young man sitting in a chair, Feb 2014

3) Women… Keep Your Handbag with You

For all the women out there – I have something to tell you, in Poland it is believed that if you leave your handbag on the floor, your money will start to ‘disappear’. That is why you should put your handbag on a chair or hang it.

1875 Chatelaine Bag

4) If You Are a Single Woman

And to finish this post about superstitions, here goes the most hilarious thing for me: when you are having dinner in a Polish house and if a single woman sits right on the corner of the table… well, this means that this woman will be single forever and ever and ever and ever!! :P

Bacchiacca - Portrait of a young lady holding a cat

Conclusion of Polish Superstitions & Beliefs

The previous list of the superstitions and beliefs that exist in Poland was really interesting and some of them were extremely funny. If you come to Poland and you see people doing some weird things it is possible that they are doing something to avoid bad luck superstitions. If you are from Poland, what other superstitions do you know? And if you are not from Poland, what crazy superstitions do you have in your country? :) Please leave some comments! :)


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  1. When you drop the book or notebook while studying you can step on it so it’ll bring good luck. It’s not a bad luck thing only. Like with dropping the salt – throw it through the left arm and it won’t make any charm 🙂

  2. Wiktoria Byszewska Reply

    If child will ask: ,,Where the babys come from? “, for sure he someone will answer that stork is binging them. Poles belives that when you will see this bird you will have a baby this year or someone in your closest family will become mather of father.



    in my region, after seeing a nun, you must find a bearded man. And after having returned home to take something you had forgotten, you must sit and count to 21.


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