1030 days ago I arrived to Poland to start a new life. This time has been awesome, full of incredible experiences and life lessons with no doubt. I’ve lived happy moments but also sad episodes during these years. After all this time, it is time to say some of the pros and cons of living in Poland. If you are considering to live in this country the following reasons might be helpful for you :)

Pros of Living in Poland

Polish people

It is incredible the friendship and amiability that Polish people have…. I feel like at home thanks to all of them! And of course the beauty of all the Polish women! :D


A very centric country

Poland is an ideal country if you like to travel. You go anywhere in Europe without any problem! Also it is really easy to travel inside Poland without spending a lot of money!!


A country full of history

With no doubt the history of this country is amazing, a lot of negatives and sad episodes… but Poland knew how to recover from those moments! :)

Monument Warsaw

Cheap Prices 

It is totally true that Poland is relatively cheap comparing with other european cities… visiting some Polish cities is not that complicated… and you will have enough money to eat and to drink… do not worry! :P

sign in warsaw

Diversity of Places 

In Poland you can find basically everything! beaches, forests, mountains, lakes… with no doubt you will find something perfect of you! :)


Good food

Polish gastronomy is really diverse, even though all the dishes are not really common on my country of origin (Mexico)… I have to admit that polish food is amazing! My favourite dish is Zurek!


Cons of Living in Poland

The extreme weather during winter

Living in a hot country the most part of my life, it is basically impossible for me to adapt completely to temperatures below 0 degrees… I am freezing my ass here :(

snow in poland


It is obvious that Polish language is not a really popular language to learn around the world; this is why many foreigners when arrive to Poland have some problems to communicate with Polish people… I still remember all the problems I had when trying to buy a train ticket  :P

polish language


To tell the truth Poland is not a country with good highways… sometimes it is really frustrating to spend a lot of time in your car or the popular Polskibus when travelling to another place… :P

Palace of Culture Warsaw

The famous Lektor in movies and series 

For a foreigner it is really frustrating to listen the famous Polish Lector when you are watching a foreign movie…. it is horrible!!!  :P

Polish bureaucracy 

Before moving to Poland, I was thinking that the Mexican bureaucracy was the worst in the world… BUT… I was completely wrong.. if you do not believe me… I dare you to go to the immigration offices in Poland! :P

Finally the worst part of living in Poland is… that is 10,000 kilometers away from Mexico!!! :(


Mexican blogger living in Poland

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