A lot of tourists are looking for the best attractions in each country or city in order to visit and explore them. Now we are going to talk about what is the best city in Poland.

According to some websites that specialize in tourism such as: TravBuddy, TripAdvisor, Touropia and Thought Catalog, the best 5 cities to visit in Poland are the following:

1) Krakow


Krakow is located in the south of the country. A long time ago this was the Capital of Poland, it is the second most populated city and with no doubt is one of the most beautiful cities in this country, for a lot of tourists and Polish people this is the perfect city. The city has incredible places to admire, buildings with a unique architecture and during the nights and incredible night-life. In this city there are a lot of foreigners, so you can have a great time even though you do not speak Polish.  Also, really close from this city there are 2 places with a lot of history: Wieliczka Salt Mines, and possibly the most famous concentration camp in the world- Auszchwitz.

2) Warsaw


Warsaw is located in the center of the country and is the most populated city. This city was rebuilt completely after the Second World War. In the city you can feel a modern atmosphere, but at the same time you can feel that you are living in other times while walking in the Old Town in Warsaw. The city has a lot of foreign companies, metro line, the National Stadium, the Palace of culture, the Warsaw Uprising Museum, a lot of parks and ruing the night this city never sleeps, and there are a lot of pubs and clubs to spend the nights.

3) Gdansk

This city is located in the North of the country in the Baltic Sea. It has the most important maritime port of the country and one of the biggest in the region. In summer this city is an ideal place to visit, you can take a sunbath while drinking a cold beer, and if you want you can swim in the Baltic sea, for a lot of people this is a really cold activity (I cannot swim there), or you can visit the city during winter and see the frozen sea :P Gdansk also has a great historical center, you can walk for hours enjoying the view of the streets of the city, until you reach the Neptune’s Fountain. I like this city a lot; I will come back for sure. Also, really close from Gdansk, there are 2 cities that are also popular: Gdynia and Sopot, in just one weekend you can visit them.

4) Wroclaw


Wroclaw is located in the West of Poland. This is my favorite city of the country. The streets in Wroclaw are really beautiful and romantic, there is a bridge where all the lovers put a lock with their names to keep their love forever, it is something similar to the bridge that is in Pairs. The city is really colorful and the night-life is incredible. Also, in Wroclaw there are small elf`s figures in different parts of the city, the idea is to find ALL the elf, I could not find all of them, but if you have time you can try to do it.

5) Poznan


Poznan, located in the West of Poland, is a really popular city for students. Thousands of foreigner students choose this city to spend some magical months. If you are interested in the architecture, this city is ideal for you. The city is full of bards, cafes, and clubs to spend hours of fun. Also, the city has a lot of parks if you are interested in practicing a sport; you really need to visit this city if you are a student.

Of course, there are other wonderful cities to visit in this country, maybe some of them are not that popular among the tourists, but I can strongly recommend you to visit more places. Those websites also recommend other incredible cities such as: Sopot, Gdynia, Lublin, Torun, Bialystok, Lodz or Szczecin.

What other cities do you recommend to visit? Have you been in all of those cities?


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