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Finally, after almost 1452 years of construction, the New metro line in Warsaw will open next weekend (7th or 8th of March 2015).

Unfortunately, this new metro line is not complete yet, from 27 stations planned for this project, only 7 stations are completed; it is believed that the rest of the stations will be finished in approximately 5 years :(

The second metro line will cover the east and the west part of the city, and with this a lot of people will be benefited, including me because I will be able to go to my school or my work without taking 3 tramways and 2 buses especially during the cold Polish winter.

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The last station in the west part of the city will be ‘Rondo Daszynskiego’ and it will be ideal for many tourists as one of the most famous museums in Warsaw, Warsaw Uprising Museum, is located 5 minutes walking from that new metro station. In the east part of the city, the last stop will be ‘Dworzec Wilenski’, which is an important railway station that a lot of tourists and local people use every day.

The line 1 and 2 will cross each other in the station called ‘Swietokrzyska’ (the most difficult word for me in Polish), so you will be able to change from line 1 to 2 without any problem.

The rest of the stations are:

  • Rondo ONZ
  • Nowy Swiat – Uniwersytet
  • Centrum Nauki kopernik
  • Stadion narodowy

The cost of the ticket will be the same as for the line 1, and you will be able to use this ticket for both lines without buying a new one. If you want to know more about the public transportation in Warsaw you can check my previous post ‘Transportation in Warsaw’. And remember not to use any public transport without a valid ticket, or the fine that you will receive will be extremely high.

It is expected that this new line will work in the same way as line 1 does during the weekends: on Fridays and Saturdays the metro line 1 works normally until 4 am (it is really used mainly by exchange students) so if you are used to party a lot you can arrive home safely in a short period of time.

The new metro line will be really modern with incredible stations, safe, clean and colorful; there is no doubt that the construction of this new metro line is a huge step in infrastructure for this beautiful city.

Now you can check some incredible pictures from the new metro line taken from the website of the construction company of the metro.

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