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I will start my Euro-trip in just 1 day, and the truth is that I am really excited about it, I can’t wait to explore new cities, taste new dishes, drink local beer, to meet new people, to have cultural shocks, to have that feeling when trying to communicate in a different language, and why not to learn some new words to survive in those new countries.

It has been difficult the organization of this trip (my girlfriend was in charge of this, and she told me that), to know where you are going to sleep, how you are going to travel between those places, or how you are going to be able to cover all of your expenses is something that might affect you while trying to sleep.

I am not a specialist in trip’s organizations or in traveling around the world, but I just want to share with you some tips to make your life easier, so here we go:

1)People: Before starting your trip you will need to know if you are traveling alone, with your girlfriend/boyfriend, with your lover, with your best friend or with a lot of friends. This decision is up to you, but just remember that more people in your trip, the organization of it could be more challenging. Moreover, you have the risk that one day before your trip some people decide not going with your, and you will have to plan your trip again in the last second.

2)Money: unfortunately all in this world works with money, so if you are planning to make a trip around Europe or any other part of the world you will need a big budget to do make it possible. Even though you take with you some cans of food to save money, it is possible that something happens and you will need money to spend a night in a hostel, a ticket, an appointment with the doctor, souvenirs, pubs, etc. A good advice I can give you is to distribute your money along your body or luggage, for example some money in your pocket, socks or bag, if you are not having luck one day and someone steals you something, well you are not going to lose everything.

3)Transportation: At least in Europe from my experience, is relatively cheap to travel between these countries, you can search for flights in cheap airlines companies like RyanAir, WizzAir or EasyJet, and if you are lucky you can get tickets to another countries for just 5 euros. Another option is if you are a brave traveler, you can try Hitchhiking; I just tried this once in Oslo, Norway. I t was really funny to write the paper with the name of the city you are trying to reach, to be in the middle of the road hoping that someone will stop soon and take you with him, and praying that the guy that picked you up is not a serial killer (a lot of adrenaline), but definitely I will have to do it again.

4)Where to sleep: My first recommendation of course is Couchsurfing, you could have the opportunity to be with local people, to share experiences and a place to sleep in a foreign city. Another cheap option is to look for a hostel, it is up to you to decide based on the price, location or comfort in those places, most of the times the cheapest hostels are the ones that are not that nice, or they are located far away from the center. Finally, another option is to camp, around Europe there are camping places that are safe and not that expensive (more less 8-10 euros per night in summer season), in some countries if you camp somewhere else than those camps, you will receive an expensive ticket from the police.

5)Route: I think this is logical, however you have to plan your route in an organized way, for example: is not that great that your first country to visit is Portugal, then Poland, then Spain, and finish your trip in Czech Republic. If you plan your route with order and logic, you will save a lot of time to explore new cities, and maybe your trip would be much cheaper.

6)Visa: I am sure this is the most important thing, before starting your trip make sure that you do not need any kind of visa or a special permission to enter a country! Do not forget to check this information! Unfortunately there is no free transit around the world.

Well my friends, now it is my turn to travel around Europe! I will be sharing my experiences with you during my trip!

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