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Unemployment in Poland 2016

The economic growth of Poland has been increasing during the last years, even in the last financial crisis, being the only country of the European Union to show positive numbers...

Krakow old town

The best city to live in Poland

Last month, the Council for Social Monitoring of Poland (Rada Monitoringu Społecznego) published their annual report ‘Diagnozy Społecznej 2015’ (Social Diagnosis 2015) in which it is shown a general overview...

snow Poland

Guide to survive a winter in Poland

The favorite season of the year for the majority of people that live in Poland is coming… the warm Polish winter. Temperatures below 0 degrees certainly provoke happiness and joy...

alcohol in poland

Alcohol Consumption in Poland

The alcohol consumption is really popular in a lot of countries in the world, in some countries this is not common due to the religion, culture or traditions. In 2016,...

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