I remembered when I moved to Poland one of the main challenges I had to experience was to find useful and clear information in English about how to legalise my stay in Poland! It was extremely difficult and the sources of information were not updated or non-existent… but Why am I’m telling you this?

Few weeks ago I was reading an interesting article about how many foreigners are living in Poland, the information was clear and surprising and I just kept reading that blog.

After a few hours I decided to contact the author of this page to tell him that he was doing a great job!  Mainly because his site was helping hundreds of foreigners that had no clue about the main issues an expat has to face in Poland, just like I did 4 years ago.

I sent him a message to ask him if he would be interested in having an interview for my Youtube Channel about his amazing project . He said he would love to do it and it was even more surprising to know that he was a follower of my blog as well :D It was great to hear that! Please meet Maciek – the creator of JustAsk Poland.

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Maciek from JustAsk Poland

My guest on this interview was Maciek, he is from Rzeszów, but he has been living in Kraków for quite a long time. He is studying Polish linguistics! Yes he is one of those guys that like the impossible!

Maciek decided to create a website called JustAsk Poland to compile all kind of information about legal or common procedures that foreigners need to do if they are willing to live in Poland. His website is in English but he has plans of writing in Russian in the future.

I met with Maciek in a really cool coffee place close the Krakow Old Town, this place is called Bunkier Sztuki :) Before this meeting we were planning to make the interview in an open-space around the city, but the crazy Polish weather had other plans for us. It was raining a lot during our meeting, but we had a good talk and a really good breakfast!

During the interview I asked him personal and professional questions so you can know about him and his amazing project! If you are a foreigner or in case you are a local you must read his blog! He has any kind of information regarding life in Poland such as: salaries, Polish pension system or the cost of living in Poland.

Interview with Maciek

Check the interview! I hope you like it

Once again, thank you very much for having this interview and thank you very much for all your help to all the foreigners that are living in Poland! :)

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