At the beginning of 2013 I decided to start a new challenge in my life. I decided to move to a country on the other side of the world leaving behind my family, friends and my culture.

When I arrived to Poland it was extremely difficult to adapt to a country where you don’t speak the local language, the amount of people you know is extremely low and you are quite desperate to find a job in order to stay there.

Time passed and all the things were putting in order, but there was still missing one thing: to fulfill the desire of spending Christmas with my family in Mexico.

Christmas Abroad

Since I came to Poland I was not able to visit my family to spend the best season of the year, mainly because lack of money and time.

After I spent Christmas 3 years in a row far away from my family, I started to think that it was time to spend those days with the people I love the most in my life.

The Christmas I spent in Poland were magical and amazing I have to say, mainly because I had the opportunity to be part of a lovely family that always have a seat on their table which I’m really thankful about it, but I still didn’t feel complete on this day.

The Dream

At the beginning of 2016 I had a dream of visiting my parents during Christmas but without saying anything to them. My family was shocked and my parents couldn’t believe what they were seeing. That dream was amazing and I decided to follow it.

I started to planning this adventure based on that dream, I saved money during the year, I planned all the logistics and finally that dream it was becoming real.

I started looking for a flight (with the help of a really special person <3 )to arrive to Mexico City exactly on Christmas Eve, go to my grandmother’s house and appear int he middle of the dinner. After some days looking for the best alternative I found a perfect flight to arrive not he 24th of December.

The surprise

The day came and I started my journey in the Warsaw Airport. My first flight was to Paris and I had to wait there like 12 hours to my final flight to my beautiful country. There I was waiting calmly in the Paris airport to see my family once again.

I went into the plane and the flight started! After 11 hours and 5 minutes the plane arrived to Mexico City.

I went out of the airport but I was looking urgently for a shower because after almost 30 hours I was not that clean let’s say. I didn’t want that when my parents huge me they would passed away because of my smell.

I was prepared and I arrived to my grandmother’s house. I called my brother (the only person in Mexico that knew I was arriving) and we were ready to enter into the house and appear suddenly in the middle of the dinner.

I opened the door and…


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