7 inventions from Poland that were revolutionary

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  1. Avatar for David Huerta Błażej Kaczmarek says:

    Here You have othere Polish inventions:
    Colorful photo, reversible tank periscope, enigma machine, helicopter, bridge welding, blue laser, electrick clock, commodore 64 computer( it became the base for windows, apple and IBM, Czohralski process, petroleum refinery, Nagra proffesional recorders, Esperanto ( the most widely spoken created auxiliary language in the world, over 2 milion active speakers), the hydrogen bomb,golf cart, lunar roving vehicle(construction and design)

    • Avatar for David Huerta SL says:

      Enigma machine was invented by German engineer

      • Avatar for David Huerta Jolanta Pałac says:

        But polish engineers had broked her kod saving many people during II WW.

        • Avatar for David Huerta Adam Akerman says:

          They broke first code of enigma. When they gave this code do british secret service enigma was already upgraded by Germans. Finally British mathematics broke the code of enigma, but most of job with this code was made by Poles.

  2. Avatar for David Huerta SR says:

    The rest of the claims need to be checked, but regarding the claim on modern paraffin lamp, this is what Encyclopedia Britannica says:

    “No inventor of the kerosene lamp can be named, but hundreds of persons filed patent applications for modifications.”


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