10 Free Things to Do in Warsaw | Travel Tips

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a Mexican living in Poland. Football fan, blogger, graduated from SGH

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  • Łukasz Keczmerski

    I wonder have you ever been on the Legia`s stadium during match;) To the list i can add Skaryszewski Park with the waterfall in it and located almost in front of National Stadium 😉
    To tell the truth – i`m a little bit… jelaous … that you are talking only about left side of Vistula (ok – except National Stadium…) What about bears near ZOO?? Also right side has many things to show… not only Praga with their ZOO, but also Grochów (also called Praga the south… i hope this error made by officials in early `50 will be someday fixed and Grochów and others right districts will back to previous name…) with Monument Grochów`s battle (1831 year), Saska Kępa with their climatic streets and Gocław with their Balaton Park …

  • Billy Cage

    Before going to Poland, I was looking for information which cities are worth visiting. Of course Warsaw. Thanks to http://www.attractionswarsaw.com/ I knew what’s worth seeing and how to spend that time pleasantly.