The amount of people that visits cemeteries in Poland increases a lot during the first day of November. This is because on this day it is celebrated All Saints’ Day in Poland, one of the most remarkable traditions of this country that encourages to remember the ones we loved and they are no longer with us.

History of the Powązki Cemetery

Back in 1790 in Warsaw, the expansion of the city increase and the cemeteries built during the Medieval period were not able anymore to handle the population expansion of the city. Therefore, it was required to built a new cemetery in Warsaw.

In November of 1790, the Powązki Cemetery was established, but it was consecrated on May 20th, 1792. At the beginning, the size of this cemetery was around 2.5 hectares and inside the cemetery were built the catacombs and a famous church: Saint Karol Boromeusz Church.

Kosciol sw Boromeusza w Warszawie

The Saint Karol Boromeusz Church was destroyed by the Nazis during the Second World War, but it was started to be rebuilt after the end of this event.

Nowadays the size of the cemetery is about 44 hectares and more than 1 million people is resting in this place.

Where is Located the Powązki Cemetery?

In the capital – Warsaw – it is located the most  famous cemetery in Poland – The Powązki Cemetery (Cmentarz Powązkowski). Powązki is located in Wola district in Okopowa street, more less 15 minutes by car from the center of the city.


Close to Powązki, there are also other important cemeteries like The Jewish Cemetery (Cmentarz Żydowski) where the creator of Speranto (Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof) is resting; and The Military Powązki Cemetery where thousands of Polish heroes are remembered.

Irena Sendler grave Powazki Cemetery in Warsaw 2016

Powązki Cemetery is considered by many Poles as the most important and cultural cemetery in the whole country. The reason of it is because Powązki is the final resting place of a number of great Poles in history.

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Notable Burials in Cmentarz Powązkowski

Inside the Powązki Cemetery, there are a great number of important people in Polish History. This cemetery is the final is the final resting place for those great Poles. Inside the cemetery there is a street called the Avenue of Notables (Aleja Zasłużonych), where the most important personalities of this cemetery are resting.

Video of Powązkowski Cemetery during All Saints’ Day:

Among the notables that are buried here: the father, mother and sisters of the great Fryderyk Chopin, The Nobel Prize – Władysław Reymont – , the ex-president of Poland – Stanisław Wojciechowski -, and the remains of the King Stanisław August Poniatowski’s family.

The grave of Stanisław Wojciechowski in Powązki cemetery (16361310923)

It is Worth it to Visit this Cemetery?

The best day to visit Powązki Cemetery is on the 1st of November, because together with the colors of the Polish autumn and the light given by the thousand of candles that are on put on this day, the beauty of this cemetery is unique.

Grave of Krzysztof Kieślowski at Powązki Cemetery - 02

If it is the first time you are in Warsaw, you need to visit this Polish cemetery, it is totally worth it and you will have the chance to be in one of the most important and historical places in Poland.


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