polish pride

Living in Poland for some time, I noticed some elements that make Polish people unique in this world, and if you are not from Poland or you have not lived in this country it might not be possible to understand a lot of things that Polish people do.

That is why I decided to write ‘Things only a Pole could understand‘, so here we go:

  1. You have at least one female friend called Ola, Kasia or Asia
  2. Your favorite sport is to complain
  3. When you say the word ‘no’ in fact you are saying ‘yes‘ (ex: Ready?… No = Ready?… yes, let’s go! :) )
  4. Your Name’s Day might be more important that your Birthday
  5. You call ‘uncle’ or ‘aunt’ someone that is not from your family
  6. You have at least one male friend called Michał, Marcin or Tomek
  7. Foreigners have difficulty to pronounce your last name (ex: Brzęczyszczykiewicz, Szczęsny, Strzelczyk).
  8. You enjoy the taste of the condiment called ‘Chrzan‘ (I have not meet any foreigner that would like the taste of it)
  9. You start clapping when your planes arrives to its destination
  10. When meeting a woman for the first time it is not common to give a kiss on the cheek, you need to do a handshake (really complicated for a Latino guy :P )
  11. Put carpets in all the places of your house (kitchen, room, living room, kennel, garden)
  12. The most sacred thing in the world for you is the Kiełbasa
  13. Your grandpa can make alcohol from anything (cherry, apple, carrot, chicken, Kiełbasa, grapes, etc.)

Thank you to all my Polish friends for helping me to write this post.


Mexican blogger living in Poland


  1. Sara Kowalczyk Reply

    i know foreigners who like chrzan and i dont clap when the plane arrives   and i do not understand that. Carpets everywhere are rather a turkish thing. you cannot make vodka from everything, but you can make a liqour from vodka and anything. Ask german about their wursts, i guess its more sacred for them than for us. We eat schabowy :P

  2. Michał Kałużka Reply

    Come on, you could at least write that chrzan is horseradish and kielbasa is sausage, more ppl would understand what you’re writing about. This with carpets applies to you or the older generation maybe? If so, what a strange looking garden you must have:)

  3. Iain Cardno Reply

    I think Sara that he got confused between rugs and carpets, I am yet to be in a carpeted Polish house…in fact my wife still thinks carpets are dirty! My only thing was regarding Chzran, it’s THE traditional condiment for beef in the UK so maybe it’s just a European thing?

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