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** In this post I am not trying to offend anyone, I am not being racist, macho or anti-feminist, it is just a post written with a sense of humor**

Some time ago I received a few suggestions from our Polish girls readers about writing a post about the women in Poland. So I though to write a post called ‘Why you should marry a Polish girl?‘ – I loved the idea, so here we go.

I have been living in Poland for almost 2 years, the time here has been fantastic and the truth is that it is incredible how many times a man can fall in love in this country.

ludwika paleta Polish Mexican actress
Ludwika Paleta Polish Mexican actress

The reasons you should marry with a girl from Poland

  • They are the most beautiful, pretty and sexy woman I have ever seen
  • They are really intelligent and smart – if you are a man, I´m afraid they will be smarter than you
  • They speak more than 1 language fluently – something good if you are a foreigner
  • They are possessive (some of them do exaggerate) but being with these women you cannot say anything
  • They can drink, drink and drink litres of vodka and not get drunk – I have not been able to beat them in that
  • They have the secret of the eternal youth – they look like 20 years old and they might have more than 30
  • They have beautiful eyes that hypnotise the bravest men
  • They are really close to their families – if they live in another city they will go to visit them a lot of times during the year
  • A lot of variety – tall, short, blonde, redheads, brunettes, blue eyes, green eyes, gray eyes, etc.
  • They are proud of their history, culture, language and country
  • They are really open to new things and new people
  • They love to dance – one advantage for all the Latino guys
  • They know how to cook – well, not all of them, but you can always order a pizza
  • They dress and make up like top models
  • And Polish women are so incredibly HOT!!!! (with all the respect)

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Mexican blogger living in Poland


  1. You don’t know what you are saying! AFTER MARRIAGE they become TERRIBLE and you life ends. Also, you have to spend time with mother in law more often. DON’T make a mistake!

    • ”They are terrible and your life ends”…? What she did to you? Chopped you to pieces and bury in the backyard on the first day? Then again, two people are responsible for failure in marriage and not just one. Seeing as you spend time browsing internet to rant about your wife maybe YOU are ”the horrible one”? Horrible mistake she did marrying such a ungrateful man.

      Every woman will want to see her own mother from time to time. What a unnatural thing to do indeed *sarcasm*

    • ugodelcorso

      Sounds like Zennon X has more experience about this subject than the author of this blog.

    • Nix Arnett

      polish girl here, id neeeeeeever make my fiance spend time with my mother shes so awful… lol

    • An0nym0usC0ward

      You married? ‘Cos in my experience girls/women everywhere, not just in Poland, change abruptly and overnight once married.

      Just an example: a friend’s wife moved out with 16, ‘cos she couldn’t stand her mother. Once married, she started spending hours on the phone with her mother.

  2. Aleksandra Reply

    David you forgetting that half of those qualities we have men don’t like to marry to, I mean which man like to have a girl which is smarter than him that’s hurts their ego, and possessive that’s definitely not good right most guys like to have space to breath, and we are strong personalities that’s something men don’t like either their the one who like to wear trousers in the relationship and that cause trouble in relrelationship, but I will agree that polish girls are awesome at least most of them I know I’m one of them

    • I’m sure this is just satirical piece… If not, then you have me fooled… Anyhow, I had a good laugh. Thanks! :)

    • Mirka Kozikowski

      IT’S True but we stand for are own and we are very independent we don’t need a man to dictate our lives.

  3. Hah u English guys dont know about the past of these polish girls :) and the think is if u cant find a British girls in your country that mean u very poor :)

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