Poland an Unknown Destination for Many

I came to Poland in 2013, and now that I am studying, working and living in Poland, I want to make a little bit of publicity to this beautiful country.

Before moving here, I did not know a lot of things about Poland, I just knew something related to the Second World War or that the Pope John Paul II was Polish.

Flag of Poland
Flag of Poland

It is possible that you are asking yourself: Poland… mmm What is that? Is it a city? i have no idea where that place is..?

Location of Poland

When I was studying in Paris with some Polish guys, some people asked them: Where is Poland located? What language do you speak? …. my friends wanted to die! They could not believe how some people, even though they were from the same continent, did not know where their country was located or what language was spoken there.

Poland is located in Europe, it belongs to the European Union and it shares boarders with 7 countries such as Czech Republic, Lithuania and Germany. Literally, Poland is in the center of Europe.

Reasons to Visit Poland

Sadly, Poland it is not a tourist destination such as France, Spain or England, however when you visit it, you will  not regret it.

Now I will show you 10 reasons why you must visit Poland, so here we go:

1) Culture in Poland

This country is full of culture and extraordinary history, throughout the history Poland has been a country that has exported a lot of talents in fields like: medicine, music, education, astronomy. So, the cultural and educational level that the majority of Polish people have is not a surprise.

2) Beautiful Polish Cities

When you are traveling to some cities in Poland such as: Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw or Zakopane, you will feel that you are traveling in time when you appreciate the architecture of buildings and monuments, the beauty of extraordinary lakes that you  will find in Zakopane. Any place in Poland is ideal to take personal or professional photos, and you will feel like in a fairy tale.

Old town in Warsaw

3) Polish Language

If your native language is a Romance Language, when you visit Poland you will have a funny time during your visit: you will NOT understand absolutely anything! You will feel really lost when you notice that you can not ask anything, you will not know if you prefer to laugh or to cry. Maybe, for the first time in your life, you will feel something totally different from what you know. But I have to admit you will a great time trying to understand what  Polish people say.

4) Polish women

I am pretty sure that there is no other country with more beautiful women than Poland, and I am not saying this only because my girlfriend is from Poland. When you walk in the streets or take the subway, any man can fall in love at least 10 times in just 1 day. Sometimes you will be wondering if you are in a fashion festival or if you are in a Hollywood’s set and you have not realized that. If you are a man and you fall in love with a Polish girl, you have to be conscious that your Polish girlfriend will be smarter than you.

Marta Żmuda Trzebiatowska
Marta Zmuda – Polish actress

5) Typical Polish Beverages

If you are fan of vodka or  beer, Poland is and ideal place for you. In any supermarket you will find a lot of different brands, flavours and colours of these drinks. So the only worry you will have is if you will have enough time to taste all the different flavours of these classic Polish drinks. My favourite vodka is Soplica – Cherry flavour.

6) Polish Nationalism

I do not know yet a Polish person that would not be proud of being from this country, they feel love for their flag, language and people. Fortunately or unfortunately, despite some sad moments like the Second World War, the nationalism feeling of the Polish people has never been lost, and any person with Polish origins, I am pretty sure they will say “I am proud of being Polish”.

7) Polish Gastronomy

Being a Mexican guy, I thought that without Mexican food for more than 6 months I would die, but the Polish gastronomy really surprised me. I have never eaten so many potatoes, cabbage, cakes or fermented food, When you visit Poland you will not say NO to the delicious “pierogi” or a good piece of “Makowiec” cake, it is just delicious!

Makowiec 3
Makowiec – pastel tradicional de Polonia

8) Extreme Weather in Poland

If you visit Poland between December and February be prepared! You will find an extreme weather (at least for me), temperatures as low as -25º degrees, bring with you warm clothes if you do not want to die during the Polish winter. From my personal point of view this was a great experience, to live in this extreme cold, a radical change from the tropical weather like the one we have in Mexico City, to the frozen weather like the Polish one. Thanks to this I could make my first snowman.

My first winter in Poland

9) Education in Poland

The education level in Poland is impressive in my opinion, young people speak at least 2 languages fluently, all have at least high school education, and if they are already in College, they always will look to study a Master or a PHD. The basics they have in areas like economics or maths is really high, so you will not have problem if you want to have a deep talk about a complex topic.

10) Polish People

The human quality of the Polish people is incredible, good people, honest, always trying to help you. Some Polish maybe look like “cold guys”, but it is just the way they are, remember “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.


Well, now you have 10 reasons to visit this beautiful country! When you visit Poland be ready to spend unforgettable moments.



Mexican blogger living in Poland

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