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a Mexican living in Poland. Football fan, blogger, graduated from SGH

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43 Responses

  1. Avatar for David Huerta Dakota says:

    Why don’t you try tatar. Food is meant to be eaten. I can assure you it is delicious. Where I live you cannot even get suitable quality meat 🙁

    • Avatar for David Huerta David Huerta says:

      the problem with me is that I eat first with my eyes 😛 if it doesn’t look tasty I can’t eat it! 🙁 but maybe one day I will try it!! 😛

  2. Avatar for David Huerta Emilia says:

    So typical! You are not the one who hates these things, I am Polish I hate these too. Maybe except the Tatar and armchairs in the cinema.😂
    Great post 😊

  3. Avatar for David Huerta Carlos Andres Llamas Gutierrez says:

    Está entretenido el post. Creo que todo mexicano que ha vivido en Polonia ha vivido experiencias parecidas. Aunque en la oficina de inmigración en Varsovia jamás me paso lo de las filas.

  4. Avatar for David Huerta Elżbieta says:

    Masz rację ale my jesteśmy do tego przyzwyczajeni, nie uśmiechamy się bo jest mało słońca.Podzielam twoją opinię na temat urzędów , kolejek i częstej arogancji urzędników,to przykre ale tak jest. My Polacy jesteśmy do tego przyzwyczajeni i musimy sobie z tym radzić. Pozdrawiam

    • Avatar for David Huerta megan says:

      to nie o usmiech w publicznej transportacji chodzi, tu chodzi o respect innych pasazerow, jak ktos sie zachowuje jak blazen w autobusie to nas wszystkich drazni, my polacy jestesmy wychowani w komunie, rezim… ja pamietam pani nauczycielka mojej corki poprosila zeby pojechac z klasa do muzeum, autobus pelen rozwrzeszczanych 3cio klasistow, myslalam ze mi glowa peknie… jak ja jezdzilam na kolonie albo wycieczki nic takiego nie bylo…spiewalismy w drodze ale nikt nie szalal i nie wrzeszczal… zwrocilam pani na to uwage…co mi kanadyjska nauczycielka powiedziala…wy jestescie z innego systemu, zastraszonego..wiec wy jestescie cicho…. respektujecie otoczenie itd….

      • Avatar for David Huerta Bea says:

        Tak myslę, że to w dużej mierze o to chodzi. W mojej rodzinie zawsze komentowano jak ktoś śmiał sie zbyt głośno, że rży jak głupi albo śmieje się jak głupi do sera:) Myślę, że my odbieramy ludzi, którzy głośno się śmieją i zachowują zbyt swobodnie jako niepełnosprawnych umysłowo:) a dlaczego tak? nie wiem, możliwe że historia – nie było powodu do śmiechu.

  5. Avatar for David Huerta Michal says:

    I know tatar doesnt look, but hmm it is tasty. I love quesadilla and burrito, there are incredibly delicious.
    OK. Lets go:

    1. Non english speaking people in an immigration office is really bad thing, I admit.
    2. Lektor in movies, I can also acknowledge.
    3. Being throwed with a change… never happened to me. Sometimes cashiers are not friendly and little angry, that they have to give alot of these small coins (groszy). I recommend to pay with card, contactless also. Poland is one of the most developed countries with these things (really, search the web if you dont believe me). Now Im in Germany, it is a nightmare here for those, who are settled into card payments. In Austria not better.
    4. Smiling.. I think it might have its origins in communist times, constant wars in the past, nowadays not good financial stituation for most of the people (with normal job you can afford only a rent+eating basically). Good thing: I see a trend of change for a better. So smile people 🙂
    5. For cold beer go to żabka, freshmarket, tesco, carrefour, small liquor store (monopolowy)(should find one these at every second street in big cities); not to discount markets (they cut costs on electricity, the same happens in Germany, even in usual supermarkets like kaufland). And try our craft beers, they are awesome, I long for them here in Germany.
    6. Contructions.. hm I can agree, it is quite often a problem. In Warsaw, go with public transport, it is rather good developed. I know, not so many metro lines till now, but alot of trams and buses. Many new lines are under contruction 😉

    Best greetings from Erfurt,
    real polish guy born in Krakow.


    • Avatar for David Huerta David Huerta says:

      Hi Michal! Thank you for reading my post 🙂 And yes most of the time I try to pay by card, I don’t like to have a lot of coins on my pockets 😛 And I really love the public transport comping to the one we have in Mexico City! It’s a complete mess haha I remember when I was studying in Mexico City and I had to spend like 3 hours per day to go to my university and then go back to my home 😛
      Cheers from Warsaw! 🙂

  6. Avatar for David Huerta Michal says:

    Whole rail transport in Warsaw:

  7. Avatar for David Huerta Jerzy Zmidzinski says:

    Why in the name of heavens you continue to suffer if you hate it so much? If you hate to wait in lines, apply for Polish citizenship. I left Poland during World War II as a teenager, and now as Poland regained it’s freedom , I visit annually, and sometime twice a year, and I love every aspect of it.

  8. Avatar for David Huerta terri says:

    The Immigration Office should speak English..and you’re from Mexico? I guess they can’t speak all languages to make everyone happy…so Polish it is!
    Cashier’s do put the change in a dish, I like this…no hand to hand contact necessary..less germs…I find it much nicer actually.
    People don’t smile…hmmm..I did notice myself people are more reserved..they are not gregarious and loud in public. I actually like this too, they are not noisy, there are no screaming kids or people…it’s pleasant.
    Length of day…I guess I’m used to it being dark when I get into work and when I leave…and I live in the Boston area…that’s how winter is…short days.
    Movie seats…odd comment…I don’t think you can life them here anymore either…they’re all these new seats that recline around here and have buttons on the armrests to raise your feet….so….
    Food? Yeah, every country has their good and bad….

    • Avatar for David Huerta David Huerta says:

      Hi Terri, Thanks for checking my article. And I’m not demanding that they speak Spanish, of course not! That would be incredible though! But they really should speak more English, many foreigners came to Poland with prior knowledge of Polish language. So the first time you have to go there is a complete nightmare for us. Eventually, within time everything will be easier and yes if you want to live in Poland you must learn Polish 🙂
      And yeah, every country has their good and bad not only in food.. in everything 🙂

  9. you forgot the racist hooligans.

  10. Avatar for David Huerta Raghav Sharma says:

    People dont smile and the cashier’s thing is wrong else is true

  11. Avatar for David Huerta Anna says:

    “But maybe this is one of the reasons why Polish people are good with languages, because they make the impossible to ignore this guy and pay attention to the original language.”- hahaha. Really optimistic. I think we aren’t good enough, because we focus on ‘this guy’ 😀

  12. Avatar for David Huerta marsel says:

    People actually smile much more than they did before 🙂 Really. Poland becomes more and more normal and it’s hard to believe how sick the Soviet imposed system was in this country (which had never wanted Communist nightmare in the first place).

    The idiotic bureaucracy is something left from this period too. I think foreigners should keep complaining if they are being mistreated by official morons. I wish there will be thousands and thousands of complaints with the names of officials on them. They can do whatever they want until they are anonymous.But let’s expose them by name and demand they lose their jobs! 🙂

    • Avatar for David Huerta David Huerta says:

      Hi Marsel, thank you for reading my article. And yeah unfortunately the bureaucracy is crazy here just like in Mexico 🙁 I hope one day would be pleasant to go to those offices! 😀 It would be awesome!

  13. Avatar for David Huerta Murdo says:

    I have lived in Poland for 11 years now and can only agree with 2 of your points here. It seems that you are the negative one and what you get is a reflection of your self!

    • Avatar for David Huerta David Huerta says:

      I’m not being negative (I guess), I really enjoy to live in Poland, but those previous things are the ones that I don’t like to live here, but I have to adapt and deal with them 😉

  14. Avatar for David Huerta Barbara says:

    People not smiling, I am Polish my family smiles all the time….well most of the time. However, let me say this if your country Mexico was invaded by Hitler, your population decimated, your schools, museums, churches destroyed and then your country was handed over to a communist leader. Plus you had to rebuild your country stone by stone, maybe you would lose your smile.

    • Avatar for David Huerta David Huerta says:

      Hi Barbara, I was not trying to put a relation between my article and the horrible moments Poland had to suffer few decades ago. Maybe you don’t know this but my country, Mexico, was once invaded by the Spaniards and most of the natives were killed, and our women and children were raped. The conquerors brought mortal illnesses and most of the gold in my country was stolen 🙁

  15. Avatar for David Huerta aytackeskin says:

    We %100 agree with you my friend.

  16. Avatar for David Huerta Slaw says:

    Thank you for the input.
    How about: public toilets? Toilets with “shelf”? Or like everything or anything is always a problem…. lol.
    I have lived in Poland for 25 years, was born there, went back a few times, but will never go back to live there.
    Poles just don’t get it, that life should be fun, everything needs to be serious.
    And one more thing: I had a few guests from Poland in my place, drove them around, took a week off to show them things, and made them feel like they were on a vacation. But when I went to visit them, they were so busy that 1 day off for them was impossible.

    • Avatar for David Huerta Michal says:

      Wydaje mi się, że w Polsce nie jest tak prosto o wolne w porównaniu do bardziej rozwiniętych krajów z Europy Zachodniej, może to był powód. Na pewno też zależy od rodzaju pracy. Zresztą stawki w PL są takie, że trzeba za..lać żeby mieć choć trochę podobny standard życia, co na zachodzie. Może też trafiłeś na nieodpowiednich ludzi.

  17. Avatar for David Huerta Dawid says:

    Hi David,

    Really interesting to read about your opinion of Poland and things which you hate in my homeland.
    Let me share my views.
    1. Lektor – I can acknowledge that, I got used to it as I have been brought up in Poland but while getting older and learning english I found it annoying as well.
    2. Immigration officers do not speak english – I definitely agree thatt they should be speaking english, difficult for me to say whether it is every officer or you just were unlucky. Queues – unfortunately this is still problem in many of places in Poland, such as councils, tax offices etc.
    3. Cashier throwing change back – being honest I am really surprised, I have never experienced anything like that, don’t get me wrong but they usually put it just in front of me which is fine.
    4. People do not smile – well, I currently live in England when all people asking me if I am all right every 10 seconds not even waiting for my answer and just walking away which is upsetting me even more than if they wouldn’t smile or tell anything. Also smiling to me saying nkind things and then talking about me behind my back.
    5. Lenght of the day/temperature – well , it is what it is, can’t really improve anything :DFor myself it is ok. Proper winter, proper summer, beuatiful spring.
    6. Warm beers in supermarket – now I am truly shocked 😀 As temperatures in Poland during summer can reach even 40 degrees I have never experienced not having cold beer in local shop/supermarket. They are always refrigerators full of cold beer. But you have to bear in mind that if you go to proper shop with alcohol (which serves a lot of types of beers, local ones etc) you will rather not have a beer in fridge. Many people who are really into the process of manufacturing beers say that every cold beer taste the same and if you wanna feel the proper taste beer cannot be below specific temperature.
    7.Seats in cinema – also never had a problem about that. Did not even think about it.
    8. Construction – you have to remember that Warsaw is the city which survived its own death. City was completely destroyed by Germans during second world war and was meant to be ‘wiped off from map’ completely.
    9. Tatar – I love it 🙂


    • Avatar for David Huerta David Huerta says:

      Hi Dawid! Thanks for checking my blog! And yes about the warms beers in the supermarket was surprising at the beginning. Now, every time I go out to a friend´s flat I remember to buy one day before beer and put it on the fridge, but sometimes I forget to do it, and well I have to drink warm beer haha
      And yeah! Before living in Warsaw I had no idea that the city was destructed completely! It is unbelievable that all that we see today was constructed after the Second World War! Truly impressive!
      Cheer from Warsaw! 🙂

  18. Why we dont smile?Because we dont have sun 😉

  19. Avatar for David Huerta jan says:

    Hi David,

    Interesting observations… i agree to some extent on majority of points, but of course not everyone is the same.

    Tatar is delicious and you have to try it. Beef is the king of meats, no doubt here.

    Long queues – it must be local thing. Try city of Poznan – you can pre-book your visit using their website:

    Unfortunately I have to admit that those, hmm, not very clever individuals, to put it mildly, have only polish version of the website, but at least some progress. So you can pre-book your ticket, show up on the day and pick it up from the machine and wait just 10-15 minutes. I’ll flag this to those special people to improve it for your mates coming in future.

    And you’ll find lot of smiling people in Poznan as well.

    We’re improving, plenty of damage done by russian and polish communists over 50 years needs time to heal, but we’ll get there.

    • Avatar for David Huerta David Huerta says:

      Hi Jan! Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂 And I should try to get to Poznan, I’ve never been there so it’s a good chance to go and experience the city! 🙂 And maybe (just maybe) one day I will try Tatar XD haha

  20. Avatar for David Huerta jan says:

    And one more… I find your post actually quite positive. People will always complain about: queues, traffic, different culture and eating habits being, well, different, administration being slow and awkward etc. I would touch on majority of those topics when moving to UK, Germany or, very likely, Mexico. Nothing major here, which is good!

  21. Avatar for David Huerta Tomek says:

    I hate Tatar too, but I’ve gotten used to the lektor in our movies 😀

  22. Avatar for David Huerta Grarza says:

    Tatar is great 😉 and if U want to go to cinema for a date I invite U to kino Wisła on Plac Wilsona, Żoliborz 😉 thera are a special kanapa for two person 😉

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