Top 12 Most Incredible Polish Women Ever

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a Mexican living in Poland. Football fan, blogger, graduated from SGH

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  • Karl

    google Irena Sendler, should be nr 1 on your list

    • Kelly

      I was very surprised that her name was not on this list. What a hero!

    • Norek Paprocki

      Great person … but no way # 1 Where is Eliza Orzeszkowa ??? She should be # 1 or 2 after Mme. Curie. There should be no discussion about this !

      • Monica Kuntze Castulik

        she is last on the list, but not necessarily in line

    • noida

      Irena Sendler and Irena Sendlerowa are the same person, so she is on the list.

  • Grete Maar

    Tak zupelnie spontanicznie: Olga Boznanska, Pola Negri, Tamara Lempicka, Roza Luksemburg, Hann Suchocka, Halina Wilkomirska.
    Notabene zaszokowalo mnie, ze po wklepaniu na googlu hasel “slawne Polki” i “znane Polki” pojawiaja sie w 90% tylko seksistowskie hasla. Kultura gwaltu…

  • Norek Paprocki # 1 or #2 without any question

  • Afa Jewska

    One name definitely missing from that list is Krystyna Skarbek (AKA Christine Granville), the greatest and bravest female spy ever (allegedly Ian Fleming, the guy who created James Bond, modelled his famous heroine Vesper Lynd on no-one else but her). What an intrepid gal she was! There is a book about her wartime exploits called “The Spy Who Loved: The Secrets and Lives of Christine Granville”.

  • denise

    Where is Madame Marie Curie??

    • Oisín Gleeson

      look number 1

  • Grzegorz Wasilewski

    Krystyna Skarbek

  • Monica Kuntze Castulik

    MY grandmother, Felicia Rybacki, born 1904, best grandmother ever.

  • Arthur Gadziński

    Agnieszka Holland nie zasługuje na 12-kę. Pewne filmy ma dobre, ale ostatnio ,,zapętliła” się politycznie! Sorry, Jest wiele bardziej zasłużonych Polek.

  • Anne Curtis

    Saint Faustina Kowalska is missing from this list – one of my favorite Polish Women

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