Things Only a Pole Could Understand

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6 Responses

  1. Avatar for David Huerta Sara Kowalczyk says:

    i know foreigners who like chrzan and i dont clap when the plane arrives   and i do not understand that. Carpets everywhere are rather a turkish thing. you cannot make vodka from everything, but you can make a liqour from vodka and anything. Ask german about their wursts, i guess its more sacred for them than for us. We eat schabowy 😛

  2. Avatar for David Huerta Michał Kałużka says:

    Come on, you could at least write that chrzan is horseradish and kielbasa is sausage, more ppl would understand what you’re writing about. This with carpets applies to you or the older generation maybe? If so, what a strange looking garden you must have:)

  3. Avatar for David Huerta Iain Cardno says:

    I think Sara that he got confused between rugs and carpets, I am yet to be in a carpeted Polish house…in fact my wife still thinks carpets are dirty! My only thing was regarding Chzran, it’s THE traditional condiment for beef in the UK so maybe it’s just a European thing?

  4. Chrzan (horseradish) is common in many countries, UK, wasabi in Japan and I am yet to see a carpet in someone’s kitchen but the rest is pretty much spot on 😉

  5. Avatar for David Huerta Jedik says:

    That carpet in the kitchen is just little bit to much, although rest is accurate 🙂

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