Why You Should Marry a Polish girl?

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a Mexican living in Poland. Football fan, blogger, graduated from SGH

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82 Responses

  1. Avatar for David Huerta Josh says:

    Hola man.
    Creo que eres Mexicano así que nos entenderemos mejor.
    Valla que sí son hermosisisimas, yo en mi intercambio visite Polonia y uff me cae que sí me casaba mínimo 2 veces al día.
    Ojala y presentarás algunas ya que andas por allá

  2. Avatar for David Huerta edi says:

    It’s really funny that you try to excuse yourself for being not anti-feminist.

    It’s also funny that you consider “They are possessive’ an argument for marrying them.

    “They are really intelligent and smart – if you are a man I have to tell you that they will be smarter that you” – looks like you try to shine up to someone…good luck

  3. Avatar for David Huerta Chris Brony says:

    They’re good in bed and are well groomed.

    You must make them believe it is a long term relationship and there is a future, even if you do this with several girls at the same time.

    • Avatar for David Huerta kara says:

      And you are just a dick

    • Avatar for David Huerta Chris' Dad says:

      What a fucking douchebag/asshole/fiut/dick…
      I hope you get AIDS!

    • Avatar for David Huerta Person says:

      What you wrote only proves that you never was with one 🙂 Polish women are VERY clever and it’s incredibly hard for a man to cheat on one with another girl….and you are talking about ”SEVERAL” at once? You are clearly a child or not very mature troll. Wouldn’t be surprised if you were one seeing as you have ”Brony” as your ”surname” which is nickname given to male fans of my little pony TV series…

      • Avatar for David Huerta Chris Brony says:

        I am married to a Polish woman.

        • Avatar for David Huerta aggie says:

          so she must be more stupid than you… well… in all countries there are some mental people, it must be this…. she has to be mental that she is still with you….

          • Avatar for David Huerta Chris Brony says:

            But you dont know me. You dont know her.

            I actually think Polish women are very nice and I have met loads of them.

            They’re intelligent and sensible and good looking – and seem so much better than the Polish men for some reason. Not sure why. But they’re more confident and don’t have an inferiority complex like the Polish men do.

            My points are made on the basis of the following:

            1. Lots of conversations with men who live and work in Poland.
            2. My own experience with Polish women.

            This has made me certain the of the following:

            1. They are well groomed. Really well dressed and well groomed everywhere where its nice to have a girl well groomed. They’re sexy and know how to act sexy, but have respect for themselves.
            This leads onto –
            2. Because they have respect for themselves they are much less likely to sleep around for fun unless they feel there is a relationship there. Now in my case I am in a great serious long term relationship. I don’t need to pretend or fake…but my comment was to help and advise those men who are interested in how to approach Polish women. My advice is that if you wish to sleep with them it’s best if they feel there is a relationship there. For Polish women do not tend to sleep around as casually as the girls we are used to in the UK etc. Polish women are more emotionally attached.

            Please see everything I say as a compliment to Polish women.

          • Avatar for David Huerta John M Howsam says:

            God created Polish women first–perfect exampleof humanity and beauty.

    • Avatar for David Huerta Josephine says:

      Brony is lying. He is just fantasising about how he would like his life to be but in reality he is at home playing Dungeons and Dragons with his online, equally sad, friends. Polish girls can smell a knob head from a hundred paces. NOW WAKE UP – BACK IN THE ROOM!!

    • Avatar for David Huerta Mar says:

      Oh man, you’re a sad human being. I truly pity you.

    • Avatar for David Huerta Lena says:

      What a fucking ashole u are!! Oh no sorry you are JUST a man..

  4. Avatar for David Huerta peso says:

    David did you married a Polish girl in the end?

  5. Avatar for David Huerta Martyna Sroka says:

    They know how to save money 🙂

  6. Avatar for David Huerta Zennon X says:

    You don’t know what you are saying! AFTER MARRIAGE they become TERRIBLE and you life ends. Also, you have to spend time with mother in law more often. DON’T make a mistake!

    • Avatar for David Huerta Person says:

      ”They are terrible and your life ends”…? What she did to you? Chopped you to pieces and bury in the backyard on the first day? Then again, two people are responsible for failure in marriage and not just one. Seeing as you spend time browsing internet to rant about your wife maybe YOU are ”the horrible one”? Horrible mistake she did marrying such a ungrateful man.

      Every woman will want to see her own mother from time to time. What a unnatural thing to do indeed *sarcasm*

    • Avatar for David Huerta Nix Arnett says:

      polish girl here, id neeeeeeever make my fiance spend time with my mother shes so awful… lol

      • Avatar for David Huerta An0nym0usC0ward says:

        You married? ‘Cos in my experience girls/women everywhere, not just in Poland, change abruptly and overnight once married.

        Just an example: a friend’s wife moved out with 16, ‘cos she couldn’t stand her mother. Once married, she started spending hours on the phone with her mother.

  7. Avatar for David Huerta Aleksandra says:

    David you forgetting that half of those qualities we have men don’t like to marry to, I mean which man like to have a girl which is smarter than him that’s hurts their ego, and possessive that’s definitely not good right most guys like to have space to breath, and we are strong personalities that’s something men don’t like either their the one who like to wear trousers in the relationship and that cause trouble in relrelationship, but I will agree that polish girls are awesome at least most of them I know I’m one of them

    • Avatar for David Huerta Tomek says:

      I’m sure this is just satirical piece… If not, then you have me fooled… Anyhow, I had a good laugh. Thanks! 🙂

    • Avatar for David Huerta Mirka Kozikowski says:

      IT’S True but we stand for are own and we are very independent we don’t need a man to dictate our lives.

  8. Avatar for David Huerta marb says:

    Haha u British guys dont know anything about past of these polish girls and u probably dont wanna know and the think is if u cant find a British girls in your country that mean u very poor

  9. Avatar for David Huerta DannyCFC says:

    Learn Enlglish buddy, before you write anything…

  10. Avatar for David Huerta Tarek says:

    They are like all the women, but little bit mysterious. 🙂 masakra

  11. Avatar for David Huerta Tarek says:

    You are right

  12. Avatar for David Huerta Tarek says:

    Holy boly 😀

  13. Avatar for David Huerta Wojciech Lenartowicz says:

    I would like to answer to many posts, but unfortunately I don’t have enough patience. First of all, you can find polish women in many flavors. You can find here a cute, smart and well educated woman with some desires and find loose tramp next to her, it doesn’t depend on nationality. Their main advantage is intelligence and education level. If you go to the bar, if a girl there is single and without friends, she may happen to be a slut, you don’t expect respective woman to be wandering alone in places like this, they probably went with friends to some dance club (they can drink there too, and have some dancing fun) or movies, theater or simply stayed at home with some good book or other hobby. And for the all haters who had written about women as “bitches” and “whores” in general, the character is an individual feature, everyone deserves the person same as he or she is. If You cannot attract a girl with anything more than money or good look, don’t expect miracles, because those are not good fundamentals to build relationship. I would compare such fundamentals to a peace of paper, where relationships are build on bricks or solid concrete.
    Polish girls are great but sadly their advantage may disappear over the years, because of Western influence and TV shows like that promote nothing else but look and lack of brain nowadays. Good example: Adapting foreign TV show “Warsaw Shore” was the most stupid thing that could happen to our country, that simply show how low people here get, that there are many who were watching US and UK version so they decided to run Polish one. And girls like in the show, you can find in the bars willing to spread their legs for a drink from a foreigner.

  14. Avatar for David Huerta Person says:

    Pewnie zadna Cie nie chce dlatego tak tu placzesz 🙂

  15. Avatar for David Huerta Person says:

    Said ”candygirl” who cannot even spell her own username…

  16. Avatar for David Huerta Aleksandra says:

    You just offended me and many of my Polish female friends and sorry but who are you to make statements like that?

  17. Avatar for David Huerta Tam i tu says:

    Na Ukrainie znajdziesz swą wybrankę buraku 🙂

  18. Avatar for David Huerta aggie says:

    Tom, this is a bit true… and shame for me sometimes, that I’m Polish too… I am not easy (well, not at all- I have a husband and son) but I can see other Polish girls in UK behaving… they are easy, and they are likely to spend a night or even marry muslims,,, this is strange.

    • Avatar for David Huerta Elsa Crow says:

      Women don’t come with difficulty levels, if you as a woman call other women “easy” by their interest in a sexual relationship without the need of an emotional bond I can’t even start what has to be wrong with you. Also you’re a racist.

  19. Avatar for David Huerta Sandy says:

    At times they can be psychotic, for the right reasons ^_^
    Polska <3

  20. Avatar for David Huerta Chris Brony says:

    And I bet you’re a great Polish girl to be honest. Read my other reply for a full explanation and remember who my comments are for – the readers of this site who are mainly Western men.

    Are you from Poland by the way and which city?

  21. Avatar for David Huerta Agata Ballarin says:

    Sama prawda 😛

  22. Avatar for David Huerta Dariusz says:

    Hey Polish guy here with a page please like my page https://www.facebook.com/AmericanIndependentFilmSociety

  23. Avatar for David Huerta Monika says:

    Great article!!!!
    I can’t believe some of the comments, specially from Polish Guys. Nie ladnie! You can’t say bad things about all of Us, just because you had experience with few bad apples

  24. Avatar for David Huerta Monika says:

    Great POST!!! But can’t believe some of the comments from Polish guys…..nie ladnie!!!! Just because you had an experience with some bad apples, you shouldn’t make nasty comments about all of Us!!!

  25. Avatar for David Huerta bubu says:

    Prawda przenajswietsza.amen

  26. Avatar for David Huerta vvxx says:

    yep just because you know few examples means all the girls are like this. Jealousy. But there is always jealousy when it comes to talk about beautiful women.

  27. Avatar for David Huerta Elsa Crow says:

    Excuse me but how is that different when woman does it and when you do that as a man? If you can’t respect women’s choices don’t expect them to respect yours. Get off your high horse.

  28. Avatar for David Huerta Samidh Pal says:

    And they have lots of attitudes against Indian. I think so…… 😀

  29. Avatar for David Huerta Nicky Bu Stace says:

    You making a comment like this makes you just as bad as the guy you are arguing with. To generalise an entire nation of men in one sweeping comment is incredibly naïve, inaccurate, unfair, unjust and ignorant. Maybe you have had a bad experience or two with British men and that is a shame, but you get bad eggs no matter which country you are living in. I’m English and I have lived in Australia, Italy, France, Greece and Spain and I can assure you that you could do a lot lot worse than an Englishman.

  30. Avatar for David Huerta MarioDirany says:

    I love what I’m reading.

    Your reply shows a real woman…

  31. Avatar for David Huerta victor joylife says:

    Polish girls are strong in head
    They really value family and they are super hot.
    trust worthy and caring. They deserve every best thing in life. You can never get polish girls easily for one night stand its horribly hard to find it they are very analytic. Before my visits I never thought it will be this much hard to get some strings here. Anyway I salute the majority of polish women who really prove themself worthy.

    But most of the people in Poland except some major cities nobody speak a single word of English even in this century. May be coz they can work in eu countries or just dont wanna go out Poland. I have travelled here a lot until mid 2015.

    And about chris brony Actully he indirectly states here that polish girls are not picky I think of his comment this way.
    Take it easy guys

  32. Avatar for David Huerta Christopher El Exotico says:

    hi every one , I spent 2 years in poland, first I was amazed by the sympathy of polish girls, I thought that they were open and nice. for sure most of them are pretty and they are well dressed and everything , i agree with some people who said they look too nice for polish boys who love this check shirt.
    I was really naive, I invested too much in each relations. my heart was torn up many times. here is some stuff you didn’t write about polish girls :
    – Most of them are unfaithful.
    -they love foreigners but just for fun and just to try new experience, and mostly for one night stand in a club.
    -she will always choose a polish men rather than a foreigner.
    -they love money.
    -if u r good looking she will be sympathic and nice to u for a while.
    -most of them are selfish you can get her the moon she will forget that u did that.
    – ALSO they are shy of using there english , not very good with languages

  33. Avatar for David Huerta Yousuf Rao says:

    I really wish for such a girl …..!

  34. Avatar for David Huerta Normi says:

    I don’t find Chris’s comment at all offensive and I’m a polish woman.. Polish women say the same shit about guys.. And sleep with numerous people.. Like 67 % of girls I know.. Guys are good in bed and groomed also.. But it’s true they want to hear the future and well a engagement ring right off the start

  35. Avatar for David Huerta Martin Kowalczyk says:

    Polish Girls are the most beautiful ones in the world wish I could find one for myself.

  36. Avatar for David Huerta Andreas Lingue says:

    Any good woman will be a great wife as long as you can understand her real needs. There are many beautiful woman around the world, but their culture, history, and core belief systems can create the perfect mate for any man. I always wonder how come the Polish girls are so different from the rest of europeans, so warm, sincere, loving, caring, very smart, tough cookies and gentle at the same time; and in top of that…Gorgeous with good spending habits. Ha ha…a custom-made solution. Maybe is the struggle with economics, the scars of war or television. All I know is that the sumptuosity of big cities, the higher educational prestige, and the great levels of wealth in many countries can create insecurities and fears in beautiful people. I’ve seen that transformation in so many countries, but found one simple truth about life: Piękno jest w oczach patrzącego. La belleza esta en los ojos de quien la mira. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Красота в глазах смотрящего. La bellezza è negli occhi di chi guarda.

  37. Avatar for David Huerta Abdel Maguid Yasser says:

    I totally agree with the writer, according to my humble experience with a wonderfull Polish lady, she is all what the writer described. Also, very generous, helpful and caring person. I fully recommend polish girls for guys looking fur almost perfect wife. All the best for you all.

  38. Avatar for David Huerta Alicja says:

    ha So true 🙂

  39. Avatar for David Huerta mq says:

    I like Japanese and Polish ……….

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