Each person depending on his or her nationality always has some common problems to deal in everyday life. For example in the case of Mexican people is that we will eat all the foods with a Tortilla, or that we will receive a hit from a chancla through by your angry mother, and you do not know why but the chancla will always hit you!

List of The Top 10 Typical Polish Problems

Now that I have been living in Poland for almost 9 years meeting incredible Polish people, I see that they also have some common ‘problems’ in their normal life; so I want to share with you a list of 10 of those problems (it is based on a picture I posted some time ago on my FB page and some contributions of some fans of this blog :) ) :

1) Drink a Lot of Beer

Every Tata has a beer belly … I can confirm this.


2) The Sunday Rule


Sunday without rosół it’s not a Sunday (Thank you Jagna Rolska :) )

3) The Famous Sport Shoes Name

Referring to all sneakers as ‘Adidasy’ (I am curious why is not Nike or Puma :P )


4) Poland is a Really Religious Country

PapaJCruz Brazil

When your Babcia has more framed portraits of Jan Pawel II than of you

5) Typical Polish Parents

When your parents always tell you – Nie garb się


6) The Most Famous Polish Snack


7) You Know This is True

A party without Disco Polo is not a Polish party


8) The Universal Medicine in Poland

Amol cures everything


9) Polish Typical Meal

40 Celcius degrees outside but you will have goraca zupa na obiad


10) This Will Never Happen In Poland

When there is no more pierogi or kielbasa… Just kidding! That never happens! :)

Pierogi z cebulką

Which other Polish problem do you know? :)


Mexican blogger living in Poland

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