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Last month, the Council for Social Monitoring of Poland (Rada Monitoringu Społecznego) published their annual report ‘Diagnozy Społecznej 2015’ (Social Diagnosis 2015) in which it is shown a general overview of the life in Poland. One of the results that was the most interesting for me was the results of the best places to live in Poland.

Ranking of the best cities to live in Poland

  1. Poznan
  2. Zielona Gora
  3. Krakow
  4. Olsztyn
  5. Torun
  6. Gliwice
  7. Warsaw
  8. Gdansk
  9. Rzeszow
  10. Gdynia
  11. Jaworzno
  12. Szczecin
  13. Wroclaw
  14. Zabrze
  15. Sosnowiec
  16. Bielsko-Biala
  17. Lublin
  18. Lodz
  19. Katowice
  20. Bydgoszcz
  21. Gorzow Wlk.
  22. Bialystok
  23. Walbrzych
  24. Czestochowa
  25. Radom
  26. Ruda Slaska
  27. Opole
  28. Kielce

(you can see the complete study here)

In which aspects these results are based?

The results of this study were based mainly in the life quality of the citizens, taking into consideration aspects such as: social capital, physical well-being, the belief that people can be trusted, social welfare and psychological well-being.

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Surprising results of the Poland Social Diagnosis 2015

The results were quite surprising for me considering that Warsaw, Capital of Poland, in 2011 was considered as the best city to live in Poland, and in this year is ranked in the 6th place. In 2015 the best city to live in Poland is Poznan, followed by Zielona Gora and Krakow. And the worst cities to live are Ruda Slaska, Opole and Kielce.

What is your opinion about this ranking? Do you agree with the results?, Where would you like to live in Poland? Please leave your comments below


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