Stereotypes in the world

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Something that it is really for funny for me from time to time is when I introduce myself as a Mexican and some people ask questions or say some comments like: Where is your sombrero?, Are you a drug dealer?, Is your language ‘Mexican’?; (well sometimes I wear a sombrero but just in special occasions but that is another story) I have to admit when I hear this sometimes is really funny, but sometimes it can be annoying.

Did you ever were judged just by your nationality? When we know a foreign person we immediately think ‘if you are from this country you should be like this…’ but a lot of times this is not correct. In my opinion we should apart the stereotypes  when we see a person for the first time, and we should focus on truly knowing the person, judge her/him by her/his way of thinking and acting and not just by her/his nationality that has in the passport.

Sometimes we judge people ( I did it sometimes) based on movies or TV shows, we are not being racist or something similar but sometimes we screw it up; 2 people with the same nationality, living in the same city, same neighborhood, same school could be completely different in everything they do or how they live.

In the video of today I want so show you in a funny way some typical stereotypes that exist in the actual world, I hope you enjoy the video and just one thing: If you feel offended by this video or you find any offensive comment  please do not take it seriously, i have a lot of foreign friends and I every single guy of each country :) It is just a parody.

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